Sendero Los Nevados - Pucòn, Chile

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    Trip report from January 2018, I have a few of these to get through, and will probably blog the long versions with exhaustive text, and put up the pictures as trip reports

    So, a link for those with some time to kill -

    The Sendero Los Nevados winds its way around Volcan Villarica, through forests, lush valleys and across glacier carved gullys of volcanic basalt. You can complete the hike in either direction, the recommended route seems to be from the south, heading back towards Pucon but we hiked southbound from Pucon towards the famous Termas Geometricas, with two days of raw wilderness in-between


    Volcan Villarrica evening before we set off, looking up from the cabana


    Probably more than half way in terms of elevation. Still some gaucho ranches at this level

    Looking down towards town the other direction

    After ascending a little further the forest clears leaving basalt, ice and wind


    Difficult to make out the trail markers, and lot's of ups and downs over these ditches


    This was probably the highest point, I think we had lost the trail at here but it was beautiful all the same


    Camp for the night


    First flowing water source for a few km! Glacier melt tastes amazing


    Following the valley


    This is the last section which takes you through a monkey puzzle forest
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