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    I completely agree. Choose your coach very carefully and pick someone who does it as the main discipline. Some boxes have poor (Crossfit) coaches (like mine which caused me my hip injury), but the box's Oly coach was very experienced. He coached the regional Oly competitors in London. If you can find a Oly club near, better, but they are rarer than boxes unfortunately.
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    @WilliamC I said that I would come back with some yoga recommendations. I don't have much experience of on-line classes so my suggestions may not be good. That said, loads of people praise Adriene's 30 day teaching series, here I have a completely unjustified and prejudiced hostility to American yogis who always sound (to me) particularly self-satisfied, so this is not for me. If you are not similarly afflicted, it may be good for you.

    I've been doing some on-line classes with a woman who was teaching in my local park in the summer. I like her classes, they are not too fast or all that intense. She is one of thousands of similar teachers offering on-line courses at the moment and I make no special claim for her, but I have enjoyed them

    [sorry I don't seem to have the link making skill yet]

    Or it's nice to practice with someone you know, you could ask @Mole if Ruth is doing on-line classes at the moment. She is a very good yoga teacher.
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    Bring back mad Lizzy
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    No nor me. We're lucky, there is a big dedicated gym for Olympic lifting in Holyhead long tradition of it, all down to an inspirational teacher many years ago, a commonwealth bronze medalist, helped run now by current Olympic champ and another past common wealth champ. The weight lifting and boxing clubs here have a gone a big way to helping the youngsters both girls and boys around here over time.
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    Rosie Swale Pope :thumbsup:
    Say no more...;)
    If she’s still pulling a trailer across continents at 70 years plus then........:rolleyes:
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    That sounds familiar, jumping out of aeroplanes and crashing into hard ground didn't help either.
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    Sleep. I know that is my major weakness. Far too often I stay up far too late (1, 2, even 4 am) doing, well, ****. Not partying or anything, at best I might be reading, or I might even be posting rubbish on the internet. !!! I find late-night computer use makes me feel far worse next day than late-night reading or even partying. Not that I've been doing any late-night partying for quite some time.

    So having said that, I'm going to turn this off now.
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    Oh, I'd forgotten the forum software doesn't like the word "5h1t". I'm not sure how it responds to "kr@p". I think I'll dare to try it: crap. And apologies if I have actually offended anyone. Right, off for a run in five minutes.
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