Scotland in Midge

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    Chuddy was also chewing gum in NE scotland-haven’t heard it called that for a long time!
    Midgies are awful things but smidge works well for me. Get into everything-drinks, food, hair etc. Get in and out of tent quickly. Luckily I don’t get too bad a reaction to them unlike my wife who reacts badly and they also prefer her.
    I remember a climbing trip to Glen Nevis and of the 4 of us, 3 had hardly any bites but the other guy had about 20 on his hands. They definitely seem to prefer some people.
    Skin so soft is supposed to work but I just found you get loads of midgies stuck in the cream.
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    Last time I was in Scotland, I did the WHW in June - covered my exposed bits in home-made repellant - a mixture of citronella, tea tree and bog myrtle essential oils in an apricot kernel carrier oil - worked a treat for me, but maybe I'm not tasty enough for Scottish midgies!!
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