Sandals/flipflops. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Robin, May 8, 2018.

  1. shetland_breeder

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    My daughter go me a pair of flip-flops from Primark - 99p. I've cut the plastic 'strap' off and added huarache style cord instead. Now weigh 130g (size 11). The sole is just two layers of EVA, seems to have decent grip and no unnecessary heel cup or arch support.

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  2. Robin

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ve ordered a pair of the swim shoes that @craige suggested. For heavier ones, I think I’ll stick with my Vivobarefoot Ultra Pures which are only 260g for a pair.
  3. PhilHo

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    I wrote to the vendor of these to ask the weight "Could you please tell me the weight of a pair of UK 10-10.5? ". They replied about 275 grams. They look like not a bad deal for £7 but I've not seen them in the flesh.

  4. Flamister

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    80gm the pair. Amateur cobbler.Waterproofish, breathable. Tyvek from building site. Gaffa tape sole. Good for huts & careful walking around campsite. Mosquito proof, unlike most other options. Will not be stolen. 20180918_101814.jpg
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