Samsung S20 Tactical Edition

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech' started by Lempo, May 21, 2020.

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    So far mine has been tosh...
    1. Glitchy as hell.
    2. Gps drops out when using Alpinequest ( my s8 never did) maybe i need to click in settings something but I've tried lots.
    3. Struggling to find a great fitting tempered glass screen.
    4. Type C to Type C charger means I have to find my s8 cable to plug into laptop.
    5. Bixby ( now you can't disable it).
    6. You could not turn off with side buttons until you sussed out how to change some settings :punch:....
  3. Lempo

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    Oh, doesn't sound good. Samsung does have a reputation of rushing things to market without doing enough testing, best (or worst) example being the folding display phone.

    Hopefully future updates fix the issues asap.
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    Bet that write up will go down well with the opposition :woot:

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    On a plus side the camera and 4k & 8k video + video image stabilzer + video pro mode and zoom are really good, but can be glitchy :banghead:...
    They keep rolling out updates so should all be fixed soon..
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    When my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge died while still under warranty they refused to honour the warranty as water had apparently got in.

    Surprising as I'd never exposed it to more than a light shower briefly and the phone had an IP rating. The advertisements at the time showed use in a swimming pool.

    I'd be very warry of any claims about its waterproofness, etc.

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