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    On form this morning super chief :D
  2. Chiseller

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    Putting on the Drymax winter sock, it turns out the crew length is more of a calf length!

    The ultramarathon running store, offered to refund or replace them. I declined as I'll get use from them.
    They went to the trouble of measuring other stock and they are the same. Perhaps a packaging issue from Drymax?
    Until I hear from Drymax direct, bear in mind the length if ordering.
  3. Chiseller

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    Just taken delivery of the S-Lab Peak 20. Initially I'm impressed. This is a multiday running /expedition racing pack that should be great for trekking as well.
    Weight wise, I've not weighed mine yet, quoted weights can be reduced by removing its clipped in pad.
    Here's a good breakdown until I use my own experience. I will post it in the pack section when I've done a few miles with it.
    IMG_20191001_065647.jpg IMG_20191001_065627.jpg IMG_20191001_065704.jpg
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    Those were on my radar for a while... Too many Kilian videos!
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