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  1. Lamont-Cranston

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    Phone and crosswords. Phone is fine- uses no power for the bit I read-free open source books. Some classics out there :thumbsup:-see above.
    And nothing like a bit of good hearty swearing when you can't work out 10 across. One crossword a day/evening.
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  2. oreocereus

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    Well kobo is good at accepting lots of formats, so if the books are at all available digitally you would be able to get them on a kobo!
  3. Foxster

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    Kobo can't read Amazon mobi books with DRM and you can't access a Kindle library with one.

    I'd personally rather use Kobo or other more open reader but Kindle just offers more and on balance I'm with Kindle now.
  4. oreocereus

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    It was more in response to his comment about reading open source books. Though it is possible to get kindle exclusives on a kobo, but it does take a bit of work around (you need to run it through a DRM removal program).

    It does seem the kindle store does have the best range, but I don’t like the way they trap you in by design. Obviously if you’re fine with that it’s the simplest solution!
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