Re-hydrating DIY dehydrated meals

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Padstowe, Apr 6, 2021.

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    Try Tesco and Asda - Old El Paso :)
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    Tesco do their own brand as well. But they aren't as tasty.
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    OK guys I stand corrected :thumbsup: :whistling:.

    @edh - how do you make them ? :)
  4. Jon Fong

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    Another great item to eat that you don't have to worry about water proportions is dried canned garbanzo beans. The great thing about them is when re-hydrated, they still have that crunch. I old soak mine for a few hours and then drain out the water. For lunches, mix in a packet of tuna or chicken and add a packet of salad dressing. When rehydrating the garbanzo beans, you can also toss in dried carrots, peas or corn.
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  5. edh

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    Plenty of recipes online.
    I use canned beans as life is short....
    Chop any onions etc soffrito small.
    Olive oil, though heavier fats are traditional. I've tried no oil for the veg and it's ok, add post hydrating. Used a bit of oil and that's been ok too (not stored long). Chipotle (smoky...) as I like it.
    Chicken stock.
    Easy on spices for me as I don't do well with them. backpacking.
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    I think that we call garbanzo beans chickpeas in the UK.
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    Oatcakes and squeeze cheese, Flapjacks, Jordans biscuits or similar. Water.
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    IMO the best is a 3 course Menu del Dia with a bottle of Vino Tinto followed by a siesta.
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