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Discussion in 'Sleeping Bags & Quilts' started by Munro277, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Munro277

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    somehow manage to win an As Tucas fortatata down quilt .. how are you sizing these ? When ordering Few fill offerings the middle 350 off 900 fill shud cover a few degrees off frost ?

    so im 6 ft just around 13 3/4 stone I think the Large length and regular width should fit think ill choose the footbox version and 350 fill ? my summerlite has 295g off 850 fill so shud be ok to just below 0c ?
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  2. JimH

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    With any luck @Marco A. Sánchez will pop up shortly here.

    I don't know how the Fortata relates to the Sestrals quilts in size and shape, but I'm 173cm and 80Kg (so shorter and a tad lighter), and the regular width and medium length Sestrals blanket is plenty big enough for me, tbh I think I could easily go 5-10cm shorter in length and still have it up to my ears.
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  3. Robin

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    My Foratata prototype quilt is quite generously proportioned. I’m 5’9” and it covers my head and plenty of room to move around in. Talk to Marco about sizing as he may have changed the specs a bit. I reckon 350g of down should be good to go a bit below freezing using mine as a guide (250g of down).
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  4. Enzo

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    Most of the American 20 degree quilts seem to use 350ish grams of 850-950 down so presumably below freezing
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  5. Munro277

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    Think :oops: I’ve decided on Large regular width with 350 fill think with footbox can only see two press studs to close it up with think it’s worth asking for a third to be fit ?
  6. Marco A. Sánchez

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    As Robin notes the Foratata Quilt is sightly more generous than the Sestrals. This is necessary because in a down bag is more critical to keep loft than in a synthetic one. That said, our quilts are more generous (in other words, more comfortable and efficient) than American quilts. Those are designed to keep weight as low as possible.

    Peter, given your height and weight a Large / regular will be fine for you. Going for Wide width is interesting if you want more room in the foobox to move your feet or store items inside.

    Finally, with 350 g of down you will be comfortable below 0 C. I routinely sleep comfortably below 0 C in my Foratata Quilt with 250 g of down. Layering a really thin down jacket (200 g total weight) I easily go down -5/-8 C. But as you know, it depends on many factors.
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  7. Munro277

    Munro277 Thru Hiker

    Thanks Marco ,will get decisions finalised and reply back to you very soon. Peter
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