QUECHUA Trekking Backpack MH500 20L Review - Lightweight and Budget-Friendly Pack

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    QUECHUA Trekking Backpack MH500 20L Review - Lightweight and Budget-Friendly Pack with Breathable Spine

    Watch the full video here:

    This is the full review of my favorite women backpack Quechua MH500 20 L that I honestly feel has been the best for me so far. I was carrying it with me for the Tour du Mont Blanc hike, Dolomites Hiking, Via Francigena and in Pyrenees. So it’s got quite a bit of a test for a year of use now and I am ready to share with you my opinion about it. We are going to talk about the technical specs of it, its features, comfort, advantages and disadvantages of it.

    What is your favorite lightweight backpack to carry?
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    I have only Osprey Talon 33 and I love it, but my question is why decathlons products (in this case backpacks) are so cheap yet so great compared other known brands (Osprey, Lowe Alpina, Deuter etc...). Why I or other normal hiker should buy backpack from decathlon but no known brand backpack (2-3x more expensive than decathlon)? I believe both backpacks will serve you right.
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    Decathlon make and supply only for their own stores, so there is no distributor/reseller margins to factor in and bump the price up. They have many stores across Europe, so volume brings development/manufacture costs down further. I can only speak of the Quechua packs I own, which are of good quality and are standing the test of time without issue. I speak as an owner of a couple of Osprey packs and a Mammut pack too.
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