Proper coffee?

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by CleanSimon, Oct 17, 2020 at 11:40 AM.

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    Makes sense - may take the Aeropress on a day walk tomorrow - l have less patience than when camping!
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    Please delete this thread!


    It's got me back on coffee again. I camped last night and decided to try the Coffee Brewer Guatemala - It was really very good, I thought. However, I was awake all night and got out the tent three times to pee :hilarious:

    I would definitely have it again, albeit in the morning, not at 8pm :D It keeps everything neat and tidy - Ive washed out the 'reusable' packet and filled it with some coffee at home this evening and it works a treat :thumbsup:

    I pondered on both the Civet and Wolf options, Petra didn't look that keen.
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    860DB6AB-C39C-49D9-B0EF-3F7475AF4E60.jpeg Coffee before bed :biggrin:
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    Hey Simon, what are your tastes at home/in a cafe?

    i used to work in speciality coffee and it’s still kind of a hobby, but recommendations as to process would be specific to your preferences.
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