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Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech' started by paul, Jan 8, 2019.

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    One to look out for, good find.
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    There’s apparently a huge amount of research going into this kind of charging technology. I have a very geeky friend who knows about this stuff.

    I, on the other hand, am an ignoramus, so I wont pretend I know any more than that.:(
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    I see they are not relying just on thermocouple tech with the new version - they have added solar, which makes sense because I can see thermocouple being a pretty low power option. It's hard enough to generate power that way even if you can get a good temperature difference and I doubt that could be possible with a wearable tucked away up a sleeve.

    Even with solar though I can imagine the current demands of a smartwatch being on the edge of practicality. I have a Suunto Ambit watch and using GPS it'll last 2-3 days and it's got a fat battery charged via USB.

    I don't think this is something I'd buy until I'd read a few positive reviews.
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    Seems it only gets at max 90mins of GPS time before it drains completely

    GPS chip saps more energy than the heat/solar can put back in

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    That would put a damper on things for sure :(
  7. paul

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    Yep thats always gonna be the mountain they need to climb. Might explain the price crash on the funding page. You think they would consider it at the outset as the primary goal
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    I took a punt on this. Cost me £203 for the Premium version. Now advertised on Amazon at £564, so I could make a tidy profit if I wanted to flip it.

    For £200, it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t pay £564 for it though. It’s really quite basic. The instructions say you shouldn’t use the GPS for more than 30mins a day, but I’m not bothered using it. Without the GPS, it overestimates distance walked by about 20% and you can’t adjust the stride length. I like being able to track steps although they are a bit different from my Fitbit. Calories are a bit of a waste of time. Heartbeat is useful but not sure about the accuracy. The most useful thing is the alerts from my iPhone. Synching with the app is a bit variable. It’s well made and I prefer the rubber strap to the metal one. The watch face is not as bright as the pictures but is clear in reasonable light. It does seem to charge well.

    It will be interesting to see what improvements there are in a PW3. Presumably making the GPS properly functional will be a priority. Adding a compass would be neat. I’d like to be able to change the calorie readout on the home screen for heartbeats. I don’t know why they didn’t include an alarm either. Maybe space/power. They have some way to go before they compete with the big boys, but if they get close, the bodyheat/solar charging aspect could make it a winner.

    All in all, it’s fine for what I paid for it, but not worth the full price yet. It’s a toy at the moment :D

    Edit: just received a tax invoice from FedEx after the watch was delivered, so had to stump up £43, so it cost £246 all in. Still good relative to the Amazon price.
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