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    Charging a powerbank. Charging a phone directly doesn't work as well in the UK and my phone keeps switching charge state as the suns angle of incidence and cloud cover changes. Using a USB charge monitor, the panel delivers a much greater charge to the Anker powerbank than all my other powerbanks.

    Yes, that's the one. Even on a bright overcast day, it'll easily output over 2 amps.

    It's a heavy setup though, needs at least a week away from charging sources to start becoming practical to use.
    I'll be pairing it with a 6'000 mAh Anker for long term use where I'll be charging camera cells, phone, 18650's and maybe a tracker if I move away from Spot and it's replaceable cells.

    FWIW, I prefer the 2 inputs. Means you can use a not so modern USB output on the train/bus/airport/car/air bnb etc and doesn't rely on such a good quality cable.
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    FWIW, found one advertised as QC 3.0 for £2.59 on ebay.

    20cm cable, can max out all my 18W plugs and weighs only 10g.
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    Can/do you run tests on cables?
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    I do now after seeing the disparity in speeds. I only have one of the cheapo in line USB testers but the power-z fl001 super looks amazing and is only £14.
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    Well worth testing cables, I've found big differences in charging current.
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    I've had an Oppo phone since August.

    It's fast charge time with supplied charger is great. And the capacity/battery life far better than any of the other phones I have had (2x plus)(Sony and Motorola in last 5 years)

    For the money I've been very happy.
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    Even if one doesn't have an Oppo phone, it will still help everyone, when they can fast charge Anker Power Bank in super quick in the future while resupplying.

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