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Discussion in 'Media Links' started by Whiteburn, Mar 13, 2018.

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    For anyone using Android, if you use the (excellent) Pocketcasts app, you can enable it on Alexa & it will then sync your "now playing" list, so you can ask "Alexa, ask Pocketcasts to resume" and it will carry on where you were last listening on your phone, and then when you stop it, the next time you go back to your phone it'll be in the right place. Have been using Pocketcasts for years but only discovered that feature a couple of weeks ago - superb life improvement!

    And a few recommendations while I'm here;

    Cautionary Tales - brilliant recent show - Tim Harford (known for the also excellent BBC More or Less stats podcast) tells tales from history that teach us lessons for now
    The Secret History of the Future - Sort of similar in a way - how what we think of as unique technological challenges we're facing now actually have much in common with past situations
    The Allusionist - great little show all about words, meanings, etc
    Costing the Earth - Long running BBC Environmental show
    The End of the World with Josh Clark - Exploring the fascinating existential threats humanity faces (more fun than it sounds)
    The Anthropocene Reviewed - The author of "The Fault in Our Stars" reviews two entirely random things out of 5 stars each episode. Better than it sounds.
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    I didn't find Spreaker and Acast had only 1* reviews, but signing up for Stitcher and enabling the skill was a success.

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