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  1. Tartanferret

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    I have the same Buff merino balaclava and can fit My Montane fireball hat over the top for extra insulation

    The R1 balaclava reminds me of the Outdoor Research Ninjaclava which are good.

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  2. el manana

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  3. Mole

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  4. edh

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    Let's try not to distract Gix from the fact that he does not need one.....

    He already has a lovely woollen bonnet.
  5. Mole

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    :rolleyes: You are ill

    anti shopping and ignoring the open goal I set up:D
  6. edh

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    :( not fair
  7. gixer

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    Think i'm sorted for balaclava's now thanks folks, if i start looking at any more i think the security services here will start getting suspicious :D

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