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    I still think the ultra silver is delicate, its so light, I think maybe I was expecting it to fall to bits under a rucksack and a bit surprised it was intact. The Ultra Silver Trunks I've hardly worn, maybe 10 times for walking so not really enough.
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    Just been faffing with my spreadsheet, if i throw down on the Duplex tent and challenger jacket from Zpacks, i'm just sneaking under 7kg with my Rab baselayers.


    I didn't include food as the usual deal is i carry the tent and the other person carries the food.

    In reality i'll throw in a few extra pairs of socks, towel, map, compass and a few bits so it'll probably be just over 7kg with the water bladder full and just under at mid day.

    Last years Lakes hike i was around 15kg so that's a pretty dramatic drop in pack weight.
    It'll be around $1000 for the Duplex and jacket though, so i'm still contemplating.

    Not really many areas i can save say 100g, a NeoAir XLite would save around 110g over my Synmat, but i don't find it as comfortable.
    Could probably save 100g with a different sleeping bag or quilt, but my PHD is fairly waterproof (for accidental mishaps) and the full zip really extends it's range so i can use for lower level warmer months but still use it higher up the next night.

    Could save 200g on batteries, but i kinda like logging my hikes and reviewing them when i get back, so having the Endomondo on saps a fair bit of juice.

    So it's looking like we have a PJ's winner in my baselayer stuff, thanks for the help and advice.

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    Mmmm...I could chop that list up a bit...
  6. gixer

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    It's a bit of a mix mate for sure

    Have it Ed, any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated.
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    Now if you had those Rohan bases you are 220g down.

    Don't carry a bladder, don't carry water - it's the Lake District. No filter, use tabs or side streams. Two 1 litre bottles will be plenty.

    No 'few extra' pairs of socks....how many feet do you have?

    I'd want a warmer bag in May; assume using down gear and stuff to supplement?

    Your wool hat is heavy - R1 bally as warm, much lighter.

    Windscreen not on list?

    Dry the wet-wipes, 2g each then. No bug net needed in May.

    Your electronics pack reveals your foul obsessions.....light from 5am-21.00 in May. One little flashlight. An LD01 will do it. You can recharge stuff at your hotel/campsite stop.

    There is a Co-Op in Grasmere; you can resupply there and so don't have to carry all your food.

    That would save you about 1kg including lightening up the baselayers.

    I could chop more but these changes don't affect comfort or safety; assuming some of items are for care of your arm, so leaving those alone.
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    Fantastic, cheers Ed

    I'll take a gander on-line see if i can find somewhere that delivers to Greece.
    Couple of questions please.

    What sort of insulation do they give, are they are warm as say 160wt Merino?
    What's the sizing like, i'll be ordering on-line so is thier large a small large like say Montane or a big large?

    Works in theory but just doesn't seem to work in practice for me.
    It pee'd it down last year yet still we were struggling to find a decent water source for an hour at a time.

    Plus i have to put my hand up and admit i'm paranoid about water after struggling to find a source on a trip in Greece, was in a really bad way.
    Also find if i use a water bottle instead of a bladder and i start to get dehydrated, so for me lots of little sips works better.

    No a fan of chemical treatment, don't like the taste or waiting 40mins+ for them to do their magic.
    Been really really ill from drinking bad water from what looked like a clean source on high ground, so i'm not willing to risk going through that again (or more accurately everything going through me again :eek:)

    Great idea and if it works for you then i'm jealous cause that's shaved off a LOT of weight, but for me it's one of those things that goes in the "convenience over weight" category.

    They don't call me Jake for no reason :p :D
    Seal skinz
    Spare pair of hiking socks
    Sleeping socks
    Is the plan

    Absolutely spot on Ed.
    Great bag but it's borderline for a cold spring night use.
    Been cold a few times, on high camps over here and the first night in the Lakes last year.
    Both times it dropped to around 2c in the night and i had to result to doing sit up's and press up's even with the down pullover.

    Looked at warmer bags.
    The PHD Minim 400 (585g) is about the same weight as my Minimus bag (549g) but is rated at -5c (instead of +5c for my bag).
    Problem is with a full length zip and Ultrashell it creeps up to 713g.

    As my Greek trips tend to be a mixture of low and high level camps a zip is pretty much a necessity otherwise i feel like a boil in the bag chicken on lower level camps

    Will look into that, Ta

    Nope your right i must have missed it off, i'll add it on
    In all honesty i'll probably end up taking the Kovea Spider any ways, i also swap it out in the spreadsheet, but end up taking it when i have both in hand :D

    I've got a couple of packets that are dried out, but i've not got round to weighing em yet, well spotted.
    Bug netting is now out

    True dat
    Head lamp is pretty much essential for me though.
    Knackered arm + torch in mouth + pee = not great :D

    Plus there is always "My name is Mark and i'm a torchoholic" :D

    Will probably come off as me making excuses in a feeble attempt to enable my obsession :oops:
    But in all honesty a decent torch has come in handy sooooooo many times that it's one of the weights i'm more than happy to carry.
    Striking up a late camp, pee/poop trips in the night, camp admin (feet, repairs etc), we've even had emergencies that were urgent enough that we felt we had to walk off the mountain at night.

    You've got me thinking on the phone charging though.

    The GPSMap64 is by far the worst item i've bought, it's proved to be absolutely terrible.
    Crashing software, software not working, not locking onto Sat's, turning itself off etc etc etc
    BUT the last couple of updates from Garmin seem to have it fairly stable now.

    Off tangent i know, but my thinking is that i'll start using it again to test if it's stable, IF it is then there will be no need for the geek in me to have Endomondo running on my phone.
    That's most of the 18650's left at home then, i could probably get away with just the one.

    That's a 251g weight saving right there :D

    Pahhhhhh my brother is carrying the food it'll be tinned stew every night in a attempt to slow the whippersnapper down to my level :D

    Some great ideas mate.
    Stuff like the water and torch i'm happy with the compromise.
    The base layers, hat, electronics and sleeping bag are worth rethinking though for sure.

    I recon that's a beer i owe ya Ed, thank you.
  9. edh

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    The Rohan layers won't be as warm.

    Silver Halide tabs like these don't taste chemically.

    Spare hiking socks = sleeping socks.

    My mate Matt used a GPSMAP64 on the CT and really rated it.

    I'd prefer a glass of Rioja ;)
  10. gixer

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    Rohan stuff ordered, went for the large which should be about right according to their sizing.
    Got another trip coming up soon so will test them out then.

    Those tablets still need 30mins though, i'll stick with the filter i recon.
    Been experimenting with having the filter in-line with my water bladder, that'll see about 100g gone.
    To be honest though i really find the current system really really useful though, so we'll see

    Aye the spare hiking socks as sleeping socks are great till you get them wet as well, then it's a cold feet :D
    Luckily i tend to get hot feet while hiking so my hiking socks are usually really thin, the ones i wore today are only 23g a pair (Wrightsock SLT) so 46g for dry feet isn't a bad compromise.

    That's weird about the 64, has you mate used any other GPS devices before?
    My complaints are all well known problems that Garmin have tried to fix, so it's not like i got a bad unit.

    Absolutely no idea what Rioja is, closest i've come is Rogan josh :p
    Can't be a whiskey as i'd have heard of it, certainly not a beer, i'm guessing it's a wine?
  11. edh

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    A close cousin to Retsina.

    Wrightsocks I would like to try - rather pricey in the UK.

    No he'd not used anything else and is a simple lad from the Mid-West.

    Do you have UK mapping for the garmin?
  12. gixer

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    I'd sooner drink sweat from a yak in a sauna than drink wine, but i've bought enough Retsina for the relatives to understand :D

    They're fantastic, the thicker socks wrightsocks have 2 layers so are mega mega comfortable, they take ages to dry though and my feet get hot in em even with trail runners in colder weather.
    The lightweight wrightsocks dry a LOT quicker

    Had a Edge 705 GPS for years before, it's a designed for cycling but worked well for all outdoor use.
    Only bad thing was it took an age to lock on when starting it up, i noticed when i bought my phone that it locked on almost instantly, did some reading and found that this was mainly down to my phone having GLONASS satellite capability.
    Figuring the 64 would be as good as my 705 but with quicker stronger lock on i bought it.

    Had it around 2 years now and it's hardly been used it's THAT bad.
    Some software versions have been better than others, but even at it's best it's not been anywhere near as reliable as my phone.

    I've got the OS map for the Lake District loaded on it.
    Still going through your route, it's tricky though as some tracks are on the 1:25k map but are not on the 1:50k map, there are alspo some sections that aren't on either map.
    Once i've gone through it i'll show the sections just to make sure they're walkable, don't mind a bit of bushwaking but don't fancy walking 2km off piste only to find a cliff in front :D
  13. edh

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    No cliffs but some easy off track.

    Beer sucks :rolleyes:
  14. gixer

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    Quick question, what's a R1 bally hat?

    Did a search but came up with nothing
  15. edh

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    Mark i think you need to check the formula in food and drink :D
  17. gixer

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    You mean because i didn't list any food weights?

    If so that's because i'm carrying the tent and my brother will carry the food
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  18. paul

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    Cool, just checking :D Brothers seem to he a great hiking accesories. Ive often thought about doing similar with Pete but i cant share a shelter with those feet :D
  19. cathyjc

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    Gixer - "If i need to wear them at a town stop then i'll just have to pop my WP bottoms over em to save peoples eyes."

    Or a pair of lightweight running shorts.

    In New Zealand leggings + shorts are regular 'tramping' attire (due to sand flies??). Kiwis can always spot the forgieners because they are the ones wearing 'strides' :D
  20. cathyjc

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    I was interested in the Rohan Ultra Silver base layers - sounded good.
    Except they don't do the longs top or bottoms in womens sizes :mad:. Even the small mens will be too big on me. What is it with this world - 51% of the humans on this planet are FEMALE.
  21. gixer

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    Keep the doors open mate, or go far enough that your THAT knackered you don't care :D:D

    Should point out that the tent/food thing swung a fair bit in his favour last year, the Strato2 is about 1300g plus i took the 2 spare tent poles in case we had a windy night, so that's an extra 300g.

    For sure i didn't eat 1600g of food, so he got off pretty lightly, literally :D

    If i go for the Duplex i think the odds swing in my favour this year though ;)

    If i get blue ones i can pretend i'm in fancy dress and going to a party as superman :D:D:D

    I'm really not the self concious type and it's looking like it'll be the new Dungeon Gyhll as the stop off again so i'm pretty sure they've seen far far worse :D

    It's just the engineer part of me gets a bit perturbed when i can only get a single use out of something.
    Still they're a fair bit lighter than my Ron hills so i guess it's a win either way

    I can sympathise, my Mrs is slim and it's tough finding outdoor gear for her.

    It's even worse trying to buy her Jeans in the US, ended up in the kids section of the shop and they fitted her fine.
    Don't Rohan do a kids range?
  22. gixer

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    Just looking for that R1 balaclava, but it seems it's as difficult to get as the Capilene 4 Expedition Weight 1/4 Zip Hoody, i.e. impossible.

    Found some on-line stores that have it in-stock but it's either $50 postage or they don't deliver to Greece.

    Any ideas?

    Another thought
    I've got a Buff Merino balaclava somewhere, spreadsheet has it as 33g but there is not much insulation on it's own.
    How warm is the R1 compared to say a thin hat, is it warmer or just lighter?
  23. paul

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    needle sports have this one


    happy to act as postman at cost if you want me to
  24. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    ignore me, out of stock. sorry mate
  25. edh

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    Your wooly hat will be fine.

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