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Discussion in 'Sleep Mats' started by Nevis, May 9, 2020.

  1. JKM

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    I have mentioned my solution before:
    Not UL, definitely ultra comfortable.

    As soon as I find some kind soul who can make me a replacement from thin fleece and a stretch backing, they will be my hero forever.
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    Message me name/ address.
  3. Ben

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    Lol yes in my winter bag:D. It does make it easier:roflmao:
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  4. Teepee

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    My semi loaded pack under my head, with the pillow/fleece/jacket tucked into the bungee.
    I wedge the pack in place with my trainers/boots. It makes my short mat effectively full length and keeps everything in place.

    I like to keep my pack close in case I get Shewied by a Fox or a rodent tries to reneact 'The Great Escape' through my pack again.
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  5. SafetyThird

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    I was just pondering this after my recent garden camp. I have a goose feet down pillow case which is wonderful and takes a large exped inflatable pillow. I've had a piece of cord and a cord-lock which I use to hold it in place around my inflatable mat, which is a Xtherm wide version so a t-shirt won't really fit over it. Unfortunately, because the mat is rounded at the top, the pillow and cord tends to slip off and I don't want to tighten it down too much more in case I damage the mat.

    I'd been thinking about glueing a couple of mitten hooks or similar to the edge, shown in the photo, but wasn't sure what glue to use. Sounds like seam grip might do the job, just wondering if the surface area would be too small and perhaps a couple of the patches mentioned earlier stuck on the back of the mat might be a better option.

  6. Whiteburn

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    A few glue on tabs for @Nevis & @Ben ……..will drop in the post later in the week.

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  7. NEEpps

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    The new STS mats come with the 'pillow lock system'. Basically 4 velcro pads that you stick to the mat. The system actually works very well.
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  8. cathyjc

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  9. SafetyThird

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    would you by any chance be able to knock up a couple more please? Happy to pay for them. Look to be a better option than glueing to the edge of the mat that I had in mind.
  10. Whiteburn

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    No problems
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  11. Adam Craig

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    I've seen someone on youtube sew some elastic webbing into the Xtherm seams (bar tack style) as the seams are quite wide and accessible to machine sew when deflated. The webbing ran over the top of the mat and sewn into the other side. It had button holes cut in them for attaching a quilt with toggles so you could pick the holes you wanted to position the quilt. Can't see why this wouldn't work for pillow system. Although I'd probably opt for Kam/Prym snaps rather than mess around with button holes.

    Personally I'm in the stretchy baselayer over the mattress club (a Rab Interval t-shirt which i find too short so don't care about stretching it). I have the Xtherm Max (rectangular) and the t-shirt stays put where i want it to shove the pillow under. I found pillows on elastic cords or webbing didn't work for me and my hands would just push the pillow up above my head still. This way with the t-shirt I can rest my head on the pillow and slide my hand up under it for comfort as I normally do at home when on my side or front.
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    You'll be surprised what you can squeeze into a buff...
    I've seen women wearing them as skirts and boob tubes :thumbsup:
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  13. Foxster

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    Pictures or it didn't happen :sneaky:
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    I couldn't squeeze into a buff :laugh:

    Playing around with pillow and mat:
    Seems okay.

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  15. Shewie

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    Has anyone ever tried the Sellotape stick on Velcro patches?

    We've used them at work for installing temperature sensors in our comms rooms when we couldn't drill the walls, the adhesive is strong but not sure how long it would stay on fabric
  16. Chiseller

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