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  1. theoctagon

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    I always thought the ULA packs were a nylon (Robic) with a white contrasting thread in the weave (to make it look like Dyneema X :angelic:)?

    Either way I'd not be happy with that wear after such little use :arghh:
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  2. Shewie

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    210d Dyneema X Gridstop, I think

    I'd never really heard of Robic until GG started using it on their packs instead of the 140 Gridstop
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  3. NEEpps

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    From ULA website

    Sewn entirely with ULA 210 Robic, ULA's proven construction methods insure the Ohm 2.0 is built to last despite its minimal weight. The Ohm 2.0 Backpack is now available in 6 colors, standard green, black, red, orange and purple blaze in the ULA 210 Robic, and Multicam in 500 Cordura. The Cordura is slightly heavier and not quite as tear resistant as the Robic. A medium torso medium belt Ohm will typically weigh 34.5 oz as shipped.
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  4. Shewie

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    Is that a recent thing then, they've always called it Dyneema Gridstop in the past?

    My Relay is the oldest one I have, sewn by Brian in his garage, that's definitely Gridstop and I can't tell any difference in fabric between the Relay and my CDT, Ohm, Circuit or Air X, yeah I like ULA packs :shamefullyembarrased:
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  5. edh

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    I have had three ULA packs; they were all dyneema gridstop - they have offered other fabrics for some years now.
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  6. theoctagon

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    Hmmm, looks like Dyneema X, website reads like it's Robic, found a comment online suggesting they switched to Robic from Dyneema X a couple of years ago, ULOG list it as Dyneema X. Who knows :rolleyes:
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  7. theoctagon

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    A friend of mine has been looking at the ULA packs recently and asked me about the fabrics. As above I wasn't sure whether they use Dyneema-X or not so I sent them an email to ask.

    Just had a reply to say they stopped using Dyneema gridstop 5 years ago when they discovered and switched over to Robic. They had the Robic woven in the same pattern to keep the same aesthetic.

    Also went on to say their tear and puncture tests for the Robic exceed that of the Dyneema stuff. They're just waiting on abrasion test results which will hopefully come in this week before they update the fabric page.
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