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    I'm quite into the minimalist approach which these guys are advocating at the moment, it's completely alien to anything else I do in life, trying to adopt that mentality for hiking is quite a challenge for me, I find throwing money at the problem usually helps :) There's a bunch I follow online, mostly twenty somethings, with a great approach to life it seems, hike when you're young and worry about the rest later :) I suppose it works in a country like the US, the options are so vast, I don't think I could wonder these shores for five or six months in one hit without getting a bit bored.

    I've tried to get as near as I can to these 6lb pack loads, but for 3 or 4 days in the northern UK I just can't quite get there without a level of discomfort and misery, I just can't bring myself to ditch the sleeping pad and cook set. But with kit rationolised it's quite refreshing to head into the hills for a few days with a small light pack on the back, I don't think I could pull it off on any LDP though, certainly not 2600 miles, that's where these guys earn their kudos for me.

    But yeah it's nothing new, I suppose the tech is improving though
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    I can see the attraction of the minimal bag.

    I really can't see the clothing levels listed as being appropriate long term for UK hills though. Except maybe on the half dozen true summer days we get!
    Most of the US is continental and 10-20degrees of latitude further south than us.
    Also, let's face it, most on here ( some exceptions I know) are middle aged or approaching it, and will most likely need more insulation sleeping and static than these superfit 20something hikers.

    Over the last 6 weeks backpacking trips; from the Pyrenees to Dartmoor to NW Highlands, my pack contents have varied a fair amount due to what conditions I might expect. I find I often to take a little too much of stuff in general

    On the Pyrenees trip especially, we were mulling on how to reduce the clothing/gear we take, and what was omitted. Apart from a baselayer set, trek shirt and sleep socks, I ended up walking in everything else on the last bad weather day - Inc fleece and Rab xenon. My liner gloves were inadequate too.

    On the Scottish trip, due to conditions, I wouldn't have been able to dry anything other the thin nylon gear (e.g. trousers), so needed bed baselayers and spare undies too. It's just too uncomfortable and smelly to hang out in your 4 days old clothes when there's 12hours of darkness.

    I did use a CCF mat for 4 days ( my klymit mat failed, but next day I was able to rob a CCF mat from the piles in a nearby bothy). It was ok. I'm going to try it again for 3 season use. Light, but bulky.
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    @Mole - ^^^ agree.

    In addition, I'm never going to be 'fast', 12hr days are beyond my aged bod. Small miles + leisurely pace + a few more grams = comfort :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    'Some' US trails are pretty easy going...if I can knock off multiple 25 milers they must be...

    Mind you I'm totally knackered now :D
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    There are still hopes I will be able to get some sort of hill fitness back ……… in due course/eventualy :whistling::whistling::angelic:
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    The packs are popping up used now on BPL. Two yesterday.

    Everything old is new again. US Army wants to bring back the WWll uniforms.
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