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    Certainly going to be doing more of this over here, has not flying this year.

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    Last year my wife and I attended an intro weekend on Lake Bala organised by a friend who's into packrafting. There were a couple of packraft manufacturers/resellers there (including the guys in the video from Anfibio packrafting) and there were some beginner lessons provided by a local training company. We enjoyed it but it would be a lot of investment (best part of £1000 each for all the kit) for something that we wouldn't likely do on a regular basis.

    I was quite surprised just how different in handling each of the boats were, even as a complete beginner.

    If you were considering getting into it then I'd definitely take an intro course, there's a lot of stuff to know.
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    Where’s the blog? :)
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    Unsure but I would think so.
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    Have to ask is it worth buying a packraft with the Cargo fly ?

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