Overnighting with a dog, hints and tips

Discussion in 'Hiking Chat' started by Keith, Sep 24, 2019.

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    Our dog is just getting to an age where he can go on longer walks, so looking to do some overnight trips with him.
    Any hints and tips from any one who camps with their dogs would be good, things like bedding used, and how you make sure they don't get out in the night type of tips.
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    Both my dogs will not run off on a trip, but the collie was a devil for it when she was young and had to be on a lead in the tent till she could be trusted.

    They sleep on a bit of roll mat and have a cheap quilt as well as a coat for when it gets really cold.
    I carry a metal bowl from poundland and day portions of dry dog food.
    A travel-towel is handy for muddy paws and wet bellies.
    They know they shouldn't go on my bedding. Sometimes I use a lightweight bivi-bag to protect my sleeping bag.
    An extra water carrier is useful as there is not always enough water about.

    They use ruffwear panniers to carry a small amount of gear. A light up collar is useful at night.
    A long length of very thin climbing rope is used as a lead, a small retractable lead is really useful, unless your dog chewes through it...(ahem).

    I found a camp routine helps so they know what's expected.

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    92711C92-31DF-4AA8-92DB-9092222EF29E.jpg Taz has covered most of what I'd have said. I use a 5m extending lead which is on my hip belt and means that when the dog needs to be on the lead they have some leeway and I don't have to keep getting a lead out each time it's needed. One of mine stays well to heel and will walk through a flock of sheep at my side without a lead, the other one is a little sod so goes on the lead more.

    I've just bought some 3mm closed cell foam for a floor mat and then bedding varies with the season from a cut down synthetic blanket to a lovely custom made bed/bag made by Chrissie Dixon https://chrissiedixie.wordpress.com/2018/02/23/doggy-sleeping-bags/ I have a folding silicone bowl which is good for food and water and packs flat. Just bought some tuff wear panniers to try next time out.
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