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    Once upon a time...
    a mate from the German UL-Forum (namely the dearest @Dr.Matchbox ) and me planned to do an overnighter around here pretty soon to enjoy some of the gear worth thousands of Euros we already exchanged and sold to each other.Well,that was around 1,5 years ago.:rolleyes: BUT LAST WEEKEND WE DID IT !!!:biggrin:
    Planning was pretty easy.We did a part of the "Bergischer Weg" from Hennef/Sieg,where Marc lives to the Drachenfels/Königswinter at the Rhine.Weather forecast was pretty good ,so we tried our new gear and for me it was my first approach to SUL backpacking (BW was around 2,6kgs).
    I arrived in the late morning at Hennef and after a sloooooow cup of coffee the two weird desperados headed off to Uckerath (wherever that was).Must have been around 12 am.

    The beginning...
    The trail was actually well marked but at some points it was a bit tricky to find the right way due to Gerrrrman imprecision. In these cases Komoot saved our ar...s .
    It began with a short uphill through forests ,the sun was shining and temperatures were at perfect 18°C with a gentle breeze.It didn´t take too long and we we took the wrong turn ,which offered us a very nice view of the Siebengebirge,the area we would pass through.Ok,turn back again...


    We made good pace until Castle Blankenberg ,an old ruin from the 12th century where we stopped at a Café and enjoyed a nice piece of cheesecake .Yummy.

    As always,time was running fast,we arrived late at Uckerath and had a low-carb dinner at the local grill.Not bad indeed.
    Marc had the almost genius idea to have a "Kölsch" at a bar next door and this is where plans changed a bit. :confused:
    Since I am from Düsseldorf I refused to drink a Kölsch (a beer "speciality" from Cologne,which century-long rivalry with Düsseldorf is now fought in the carnival and mocking each other.Pretty sure you have this kind of fun in the UK,too).After one "neutral" Weizenbier Marc convinced me to a Kölsch and honestly,it wasn´t too bad.After 3 more it was even ok!!!

    The disadvantage was that I became slightly drunk and we didn´t have an idea where to pitch our tents for the night.So we staggered out into the night with no lights (remember SUL:Who needs headlamps?) except the mobiles and walked around until we found a small area where it was okayish to stay for the night.Pitching was really funny ( "Where´s the f...ing stuffsack???" etc )and after 20 minutes or so I laid in my new As Tucas Sestrals Poncho (which I will introduce separately) and waited for peaceful sleep...which ended a hour later when my sleeping mat deflated (remember SUL: Who needs repair patches?) and it was a quite cold and uncomfortable night.


    Marc and his YELLOW Cuben Solomid....


    We got up at about 7:00 and started at 7:30 and headed off to the next village where it was supposed to be a bakery or at least a petrol station.Unfortunately it was 2,5 km off the trail so we decided to walk on and have a coffee and a snack at the next nice spot.
    After one hour we found a bench next to a small chapel and had our breakfast which was quite frugal,but sitting in the sun and a big cup of coffee was relaxing.

    Day 2 had more up-and downhills and was quite exhausting and it was already 3 am when we arrived at the Löwenburg,the highest part of our tour.
    There is a restaurant at the foot of the castle, where we stopped for lunch before we started the last part with a quiet long and steep downhill before the last climb up to the Drachenfels and its touristic attractions ( Siegfried,the Dragon,Richard Wagner blah,blah,blah...),but also spectacular views of the Rhine area and the Westerwald and Eifel.There were loads of people and after a short break we said good-bye to this circus...following the stream of people down to the city of Königswinter where our train back to Hennef departed.Always the same thoughts when two days of hiking end in a 45-minutes-ride.We were picked up at the train station by Marc´s wife ,returned and I had a quick ride back home.




    It was a really beautiful trip with perfect conditions.The weather couldn´t have been better ,the landscape was superb and all our gear experiments worked.Of course you always learn from a trip and imho radical SUL is not what I desire,but having a 4,5 kg pack all-in was a lot of fun.:thumbsup: Thanks again @Dr.Matchbox for this enjoyable weekend.:thumbsup:

    AND the copyright for most of the pics goes to Marc!!!!

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  2. Dr.Matchbox

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    Thanks for the nice report. :)
    2 day‘s full of fun. Think we should repeat. Next time with headlamp, patches and, for sure, some mir Kölsch. :laugh:
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  3. el manana

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    entertaining read, like that last pic of the river.
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  4. Chris2901

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    Thanks, @el manana . The island in the Rhine is called Nonnenwerth and hosts an elite school iirc.
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    No @Dr.Matchbox ,next time will be Altbier (!!!), patches and powerbanks.:thumbsup:
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  6. Marco

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    Thanks for sharing. A really enjoyable reading of a relaxed trip.

    Oh! And also thanks for remembering some UL principles: "Who needs..." ;)
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  7. Arne L.

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    Nice report, a typical German trek it seems.
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  9. Chris2901

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    Whatever that means...:o o::D
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    My dad was German and trips, drink and food went very much together.
    Germany is a great country for walking, I should really have a trip over.
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  11. Chris2901

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    I always thought it's s great country for drinking, food and walking. :biggrin: At least drinking.
  12. HillBelly

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    I've not got my specs on - and for a moment in that first pic I thought there was a fishing rod involved!
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  13. Arne L.

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    Drinking & eating... obviously :wink:
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  14. Chiseller

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    Great little report, were planning on hiking the 'painters way' possibly next year. I read somewhere that wild camping is considered 'sketchy' but we would be pitching late, leaving early.
    Ps. Other than myself, your the only other person (on the forum) that ive seen trekking in Lundhags .
    Ive 3 pairs and love my Makke. The traverse are more of a winter pant for me. I have the homme ?pant that is great .
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    I use the Lundhags Authentic and it outmatches all of my other pants.:thumbsup:
    Regarding the "Malerweg/Painter´s Way" :Be careful.It´s a Nationalpark and the rangers are VERY strict and lots of controls almost every time of the year,especially in the "Boofen" area ,which are strictly for climbers.No open fires allowed,so don´t use a meth stove there, iirc the fine is up to 10.000€.:confuseded:
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  16. Chiseller

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    Cheers for the heads up...we'd probably bivibag it ...a meths stove inside a cone ....i wouldn't call an open flame but i wouldnt risk it either at 10k a pop lol.
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  17. Chris2901

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    Very clever,mate! Just asked a friend about it and there are even controls at night.
  18. Chiseller

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    Sounding more like a challange now lol.
    That must be the reason why folks do the trail in sections. Allegedly 18k is considered a big day !
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    No , it's easy ! Just stick to the campsites!:thumbsup:
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