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    I completed a run off between my existing winter setup comprising an Evernew 1L Pasta pot (90g + 22g lid = 112g) & the Oilcamp exchanger pot (202g + 32g lid = 234g); the hope being that with the claimed 30% improvement in efficiency it would allow more days on the hill in winter with a single tin of gas.
    For the testing I used my Kovea Spider stove complete with a windscreen inside the shed (ideal conditions). So as to make any differences more apparent I choose to run the tests with 800ml of chilled water (2.5C); all test used a Coleman C300 canister.


    The first 2 tests were completed with the canister upright (summer mode) & the second 2 test used the canister in winter mode (inverted).

    Test 1 – Olicamp (summer mode) boil time 7:45 with 12.4g of gas consumed.

    Test 2 – Evernew (summer mode) boil time 7:47 with 12.8g of gas consumed.

    Test 3 – Olicamp (winter mode) boil time 7:15 with 13.2g of gas consumed.

    Test 4 – Evernew (winter mode) boil time 7:15 with 13.1g of gas consumed.

    IMO the tests show that the Olicamp, when coupled with the Kovea Spider doesn’t offer any discernible improvement in boil time or gas consumption (any differences are well within measurement error).
    It may be that matching the pot with something like the Pocket Rocket may give a different result but my focus was on a winter setup (remote canister stove in inverted mode) & given that the pot is 122g heavier than my current setup I'll think I'll give it a miss.
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    The Kovea spider has a very wide flame pattern, and its trying to heat a narrow heat exchanger pot.
    The idea isnt to hit the fins of the heat exchanger with flame; this will quench the flame and cause incomplete combustion.
    Heat exchangers will not allow physics to be defied; if you mate a narrow pot to a wide flame pattern, heating efficiency will be reduced.
    A wide pot, with a focused narrow flame pattern that gives plenty of time for the hot exhaust gases to lose their energy to the base, then the 'fins' will be more efficient than the former.
    I use the wide Primus 1l pot, and mate it to a narrow flame burner like a Primus remote gas stove or a Soto Amicus.
    Fwiw, when I use my Omnifuel which has a wide flame pattern, I get a drop in efficiency with the 1l compared to the narrow flames. When I use a wide pot like my 4l Primus pot, the efficiency increases again.
    Using mismatched burners and pots hurts efficiency.
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  3. SteG

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    How do you measure how much gas you've used?
    Edit.. weigh gas cannister before, I guess?
  4. Whiteburn

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    Correct....... gas cannister weight before & after
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    Simple but effective
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    My Primus Eta pot (with heat exchanger) - is 1.1L (I think) combined with a canister top stove is the fastest thing I have compared to every other pot I’ve tried it against. But as you say, that’s not a winter set up. The broader pattern of a remote canister stoves isn’t as effective with it. It’s also a heavy lump :D

    What is the wind shield you have there?
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    I have one of these Fire Maple heat exchanger pots. It's great for duo camping using my AE knockoff of the Evernew alky burner. Boils 800ml several minutes faster than in my plain Tatanka Ti pot of similar dimensions. Fuel use is about the same.
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  9. Whiteburn

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    My own design specifically for the Kovea Spider, initially Ali but replaced with ~0.1mm Ti foil after a couple of years & weighs <10g.
    Fat Cat Gear came up with the same design 3 or 4 years later but in Stainless Steel. :angelic:
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    Well it looks the business

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