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    I understand this may be controversial for some.

    But after 7 days of self isolation, our son was begging for a trip out so we decided on a quick overnighter where we knew there wouldn't be anyone else and (we thought) the level of danger was extremely low. I won't share the location as the last thing I want to do is to attract others to this lovely spot.

    There was argument at the start. Our son wanted to bring about 10 teddies with him, clearly contravening all the guidance on social distancing (or was it? We're part of the same household??). He eventually agreed to limit it to only the seal and the owl.

    We set out late after eating and immediately reached a very steep descent, virtually 45 degrees. After a little searching we found a bizarre rock formation that has smooth steeps down to the bottom.

    We then headed out across a flat grassy area flanked by low stone walls giving it a canyon-like feel. There were lots of spring flowers starting to show through before we found a lovely flat spot sheltered by a thicket of bushes.

    We pitched our tarp and played a few rounds of Uno but at that point my wife announced she'd had enough and was going to return. I was a bit concerned about her setting off alone but I think she's been watching too many videos of people night hiking the PCT so off she went. We kept in contact and she made it safely.

    The night started well, it wasn't so cold and my son fell asleep quickly. Around 11pm I woke to a screeching noise, a baby crying. Two babies! Then I realised, cats. Probably a lynx rut or something like that.

    Temperatures dipped and at 4.30, my son woke up complaining of being cold. I felt frustrated. I'd told him to bring pyjamas but he'd refused and now he was so cold that we had to evacuate quickly and strike out across the grassland, up the rocky hill and back home.

    Here are a few pictures and some more detail.

    Day 1: 0.003m distance covered, altitude loss of around 30cm.
    Day 2: pretty much the same.

    A rocky descent to start the trip

    Spring flowers along the way

    Canyon wall

    Plenty of room for two
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    Brilliant, stay safe out there
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    Lovely, jealous of your trip :)
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    An intrepid tale,you have the makings of a great explorer there.Keep him interested he,'ll grow up all the better for it.Stay safe
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    Haha! Great post.
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    If you went indoors to use the toilet the whole thing is a swizz :asshat:

    :thumbsup: Well done
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  7. Stuart

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    He's wild camped since the age of 5. First time we've bailed out!

    No, I can confirm that there was no use of the toilet while on the overnighter. I would never try to mislead anyone about our trips.
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