New Montane waterproofs

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Shewie, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Shewie

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  2. edh

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    Aqua Pro Lite whatever that is...
  3. Chiseller

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  4. Chiseller

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    Beat me to it...
    Waterproof (15,000mm Hydrostatic head) and breathable (15,000g/m2/24hrs MVTR) Aqua Pro Lite
  5. benp1

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    Just saw this on email. Wonder how it compares against the berghaus hypersmock.

    I find the hypersmock is good for emergencies but isn't something i'd carry if i was expecting to get wet. I keep mine in my bike commuting bag
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  6. Chiseller

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    I find these hyperlite jackets are no better than a good ul windshell. In my experience.I've had two HL jackets so far .. Once they wet out, and sweat in... They take longer to dry out on the move.
  7. Whiteburn

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    If it's anything like the Pertex Shield+ fabric don't expect it to remain waterproof for very long when used backpacking.....may be OK for a 1hr jog around the park in a drizzle OR just call it an expensive windshirt with moderate rain resistance.
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  8. Enzo

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    'Perfect as a reliable emergency waterproof '

    Sounds like ticking the box for mandatory race kit.

    30 grams heavier than my old Berghaus hyper ;)
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  9. Snowonher

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    I like the look of these, but they’ve just brought the weight down to that similar of Berghaus’ hyper 100...and the hyper has 20,000mm HH, 50,000 MVTR.
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