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  1. SafetyThird

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    I've picked up some ripstop nylon with the plan to do some sewing machine practice and make some stuff sacs. I can find details on making your typical round ones but I'm looking to make something similar to one of the Treadlite peg pouches with the zip along the centre. All I can find looking through youtube etc are details on ones with the zip along the edge or that are box type pouches.

    Any ideas where I might find something that works?

  2. Balagan

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    The zipped peg bags are just the same as the ones with the zip along the edge or box pouches, but without the corners sewn inside to make a box.

    If you look at the YouTube examples, once your zipper is sewn to both end of you piece of fabric, you have a tube with a zipper running along the length or the width (depending on the proportions of your fabric piece). Where you position this zipper before sewing the open ends of the tube governs what you get: in the middle of the fabric gives you a center zip pouch (flat or box), towards the top gives you a wallet or a flat pouch (like a passport pouch) or a front zip box pouch (eg belt pockets).
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  3. Balagan

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    There is a good tutorial here which illustrates how you can make all shapes and sizes starting with a simple, basic tube of fabric and a zipper. It also contains a link to a calculator that will do the maths for you.
  4. Whiteburn

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    As @Balagan states the same basic process is employed when making all zip pouches.

    The way I do it (once the sizing is sorted):
    Cut the basic rectangle with seam allowances added.
    Cut a length of continuous coil zip about 5cm longer than required.
    Pull the zip apart & sew each side to the rectangle with about 2 or 3cm sticking out each end.
    Install the slider(s) making sure the fabric edges line up, make sure to run the slider off the open end of the zip to close it then reinstall again if using a single slider.
    Turn the tube inside out, lay flat & position zip in final position (down the centre for a peg pouch). If wanting a pull tab or loop now is the time to insert it (protruding onto the inside)
    Stitch across the open ends, I usually go across the zip 2 or 3 times.
    Trim the zip off & turn right way out
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    Thank you all, that’s really helpful.

    With the zip, you just buy that as a reel and then cut to length and fit the sliders? I’ve not seen that before, always just bought specific length zips. Being able to cut to size would be very useful.
  6. Whiteburn

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    Yeah continuous coil zip is very handy in the MYO world.
    I've bought 10m of No. 3 YKK on eBay with 20 single sided sliders; which is good for most things (nests, bivy bags, wallets, etc). If you want some thing more robust/ hard wearing I'd go for No.5 (for the length involved in most small items, like a peg bag, it'll add only a few grams in weight).

    Should have added - when sewing across a zip I like to reduced the pressure on the presser foot to a minimum & do the stitches with hand power, found this allows the needle to move the zip aside if there's a clash (saves broken needles).
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    That's great, thanks very much, I'll have a go when I've ordered some zipper and let you know how I get on.

    That's excellent, thanks very much for that, just what I needed.
  8. Whiteburn

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    I thought some pictures would be worth a thousand words so I knocked up a pouch as a guide (sorry for the poor photos):

    1/ Cut the basic rectangle with seam allowances added & a length of zip about 5cm longer than required. Normally I’d use a hot knife for this to seal the fabric edges.
    Peg pouch 1.jpeg

    2/ Install zipper foot & position zipper under the foot with face side (teeth) upwards, needle to stitch close to teeth.
    Peg pouch 2.jpeg

    3/ Align fabric, face side down, with edge of zipper tape & stitch in place.
    Peg pouch 3.jpeg

    4/ Fold fabric over along zipper stitch line & run a line of stitching down, I find that just moving the zipper foot over to the other notch sets a good distance.
    Peg pouch 4.jpeg

    5/ Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the other half of the zipper.
    Peg pouch 5.jpeg

    6/ Install sliders, run one completely through the zip to close the far end & position the 2nd in the centre.

    7/ Turn the tube inside out, lay flat, position zip along centre line, insert pull loop, stitch across end then trim zip.
    Peg pouch 6.jpeg

    8/ Repeat for the other end then turn right way out, done!
    Peg pouch 7.jpeg

    95mm * 300mm (flat), 60g/m2 PU nylon, No.3 zip = 10g
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  9. Balagan

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    The only thing I do differently from @Whiteburn's method is that I tend to insert the zipper pull before sewing (and often use ready-made specific lengths from the bargain bin) and leave about 2 cm beyond the fabric's seam allowance and at the top (open) end and about 5 cm at the bottom. This allows me to open the zipper and park the zipper pull beyond the fabric while I sew the second side which can be a bit acrobatic otherwise.

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  10. SafetyThird

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    Brilliant, thank you very much indeed.

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