Naturehike (Trekology) Aeros Ultralight Pillow Review

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    A little background: I wanted a pillow as spare-clothes-in-a-bag method wasn't comfortable enough for me as I move around a lot during the night. My old generic camping pillow's valve is a complete pain-in-the-ass to inflate and deflate and too way took long and way too much effort at the end of the day to set up. Being a cheapskate I wasn't willing to drop £20 on a pillow either, so I wanted a lightweight upgrade to what I currently have at the lowest possible price, so enters AliExpress where I got the product on sale for £6.50 delivered. Current prices are a little higher, hovering at around £7.25 as the prices fluctuate quite a bit depending on the 'sales' and time of year.

    Product: Sold under a variety of brands including Naturehike and Trekology. Widely available under both brands and many more on online retailers. I ordered mine from 'Moon's Summer' on AliExpress as it was the cheapest. Item was shipped to me in the UK within 14 days including Royal Mail 48 hour tracked in the UK. (non-affiliate link). There is also an affiliated link which in the video description if you'd rather use that, but I won't be posting the affiliated link on here.

    Weight: 81g for pillow only, 9g for stuff sack, total 91g. Product label says it's 78g, making it around 5% over spec which isn't too big a deal.

    Inflations/Deflation: So. Good. Compared to my generic pillow that I bought for £1 from, the valve is like heaven. The push-click valve is so simple to use. One click to stop air from flowing out and another to release the air. In both modes the valve allows the intake of air, so putting it in 'stop air from flowing out mode' ensures maximum efficiency when inflating. Takes me just 3 full puffs to inflate the air and due to the wide size of the valve I was able to inflate it very quickly. Deflation is even easier, just push the valve again and the the pillow is mostly deflated by itself. Rolling it up with the cap still open will get rid of any remaining air. There is also a cap to stop the accidental pressing of the valve. Once inflated the pillow did not deflate through the night during my testing.

    Comfort: Very comfortable. The curve on the pillow follows the contour of the human spine, supporting not only the head but the back of the neck as well. Miles above the generic pillow I had and not even on the same planet as spare-clothing-in-a-bag method.

    Other: Naturehike pillow has enough friction against my inflatable mat that it doesn't move around too much during the night, which is nice in helping it stay both on the sleeping mat and under my head. The ergonomic shape also helps my head in staying on the pillow through the higher sides and lower middle. I move and turn quite a bit during the night so this is probably a bigger positive for me than most people.

    Complaints: Gets dirty and stained quite easily. After just half a dozen uses there are also spots and stains showing up that I couldn't remove through gentling washing in warm water and soap alone. Also the weight is borderline territory between bring and leave for me despite the comfort. I wish Naturehike would make a mini sized pillow at around 50-60g. I know the S2S Aeros is 60g but not really willing to spend £20 on the upgrade when that money could got elsewhere in my current kit to drop my weight further.

    Value: Good value, especially if a pillow is a must have for you. As on some trips I'm prepared to 'rough it' a bit to save on weight and I am prepared to leave the Naturehike pillow at home, it's just wasted money. However, compared to other alternatives the prices are competitive. When I do bring and use the pillow the comfort is definitely worth the price. At the end of the day I think the value proposition comes to whether you're going to use the pillow or not.


    Feel free to ask any questions I'll do my best to answer them.
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  2. Enzo

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    I know a lot of people say they spring leaks pretty quickly. Very comfy but heavy IMHO. I use a much smaller mammot I think now
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  3. boogiepanda

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    Do you have a link or the product name? Would love to check it out in case this pillow does break as I agree it is a little heavy
  4. Dave V

    Dave V Moderator Staff Member

    I need to find something more comfy. I use a exped atm and it’s never been that comfy. I have to underinflate it and wrap it in a buff to stop it slipping and get comfy.
  5. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    Mine soon sprang lots of little leaks so it ended up being replaces by a seatosummit aeros. Other perps have had the same problem unfortunately. I did find it very comfortable when it stayed inflated.
  6. WilliamC

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  7. fluffkitten

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    Them those scary pillow users. :devilish: :laugh:
  8. Mole

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    The fabric on both ours went air porous in less than a year.
    Pity as it was the comfiest pillow I've tried. Guess I should just buy the original Exped.

    Have 2 different style lighter mammut pillows, but neither that good really.
    Buff covered Drybag with clothing in works best for me.
  9. Taz38

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    :confused: Quick typing? Bizarre spell check? We'll never know.

    Interestingly it can mean a really strong purple help you sleep (probably) :cigar: :wacky:
  10. Whiteburn

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    The Naturehike pillow finally failed after 2 years use, numerous tiny leaks (bubble test).
    Very comfortable design so think I'll look for a S2S Aero UL to replace & hope they're better quality.
  11. Munro277

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    Had mine a few years now, still going strong after many nights use .super comfy. Nice review
  12. dovidola

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    Ditto. Mine works fine and I'm pleased with it. I bought a cut price S2S Aero UL for replacing it if/when it fails in line with other 'perps' experience, but haven't used that yet. Actually, as the S2S is 12g lighter I might just swap them around.
  13. FOX160

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    I can recommend the it may add a few grams but I find the pillow very comfy and the synthetic fibre fill adds a little warmth and snug feeling.
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