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Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by theoctagon, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Sorry think I need glasses, should have been a thumbs up not the finger :whistling:
    Just trying to promote real English.
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    aka 'The Bird' for the benefit our UL Yankophile's.
  4. edh

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    Start writing in German then......:finger::mooning:
  5. This looks absolutely fantastic! I would love to try to build something similar. Any change of sharing the pattern?
  6. theoctagon

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    Yeah can do, leave it with me...
  7. Awesome! :D This would be a great autumn project, haven't worked with cuben for a while now
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  8. theoctagon

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    All this MYOG shelter talk has got me thinking, I might revisit this one and make a few changes

    Maybe @Teepee will let me see his Sphinxter.... pattern :angelic:
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  11. theoctagon

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    Yeah, haven't been on Sketchup since I made the hex mid, just getting used to it again :)
  12. Enzo

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    I just started using it, bit of a revelation :)
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