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  1. Bmblbzzz

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    Just noticed a comment there on Youtube that "we know who Norman was but we're not allowed to tell you". I always thought it was Norman Bates from Psycho!
  2. Charlie83

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    My two favourite songs, from what I guess must be my favourite band, think ive seen them 7 times now, outstanding live

  3. Rog Tallbloke

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    Well we could tell you. But then we'd have to kill you.
  4. Cranston

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    I love the throbbing beat, clever narrative and that voice.
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  5. Bmblbzzz

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    "There was a virus going round, Papa caught it and he died last spring" ....
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  6. WilliamC

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    R.I.P. Keith Tippett.
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  7. Cranston

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    For Padstowe -one more time with feeling.
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  8. Cranston

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    My favourite band with a song I can't get out my head lately. Cover of one of our most gifted songwriters original. Sitting having my cuppa on a hill this morning, stuffed and cold, back of nowhere and this pops into my head again.
    I suggest full volume if you chose to listen/watch it.
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  9. WilliamC

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    Great stuff. A touch of Nick Cave in their to my ears on a first listen.
    I was unaware of the band, the song and the incident the song refers to.
  10. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    Parts of the band also perform as Tropical f__k Storm William.
    @WilliamC. Better than Cave to me. Drones always feel closer to the maelstrom of the Dirty Three.
  11. OwenM

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    Just come across this lass, she's really good.

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  12. Fossil Bluff

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  13. HillBelly

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    This reminded me of Landscape. I bought the album 'From the Tea Rooms of Mars..."

  14. Cranston

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    How about some Saddlepop.
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  15. Bmblbzzz

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    This thread seems to have taken on an Australian theme. Nothing wrong with that but I'm taking us back to Europe for a moment, following on the last post in theme though not in style.
  16. Snowdonia wildcamper

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  17. Cranston

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    Times can be tough for folk at the moment. Listening to this loud on the big telly, Wazza on piano drifting in and out, then the orchestra and the choir kick in. Everyone's having a ball. Would have been nice to be there. Wonderfully uplifting.
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