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    Done in one take apparently...

    I was cast as an extra, and there were maybe six or seven other people who were supposedly going to be in the video… It was a motel shot where the guys from the Black Keys come and give me the keys to their motel room.” But once the director noticed him grooving on the set, he asked if he could actually perform on command"
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    Gone and never forgotten.... Rip handsome Keith
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    Wow just signed up. Any bushwalking, walking, tramping site that has a music page has me.
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    Just revisiting this... I generally used earphones in the tent. But carried a little speaker on my winter trek this time around. I sat with a brew unwinding after a day, listening to the Acoustic album. It was quite relaxing, just doing tent admin, and getting my dinner ready. Proper chilled (in the musical sense) I was. I felt less closed off to the world with the music on speaker rather than directly in my ear. Still an incredible album no matter how many times I hear it.
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    I have a pair of aftershokz bone conduction headphones. I originally got them for running so I can hear cars coming up behind me on country lanes. Now though, I tend to use them around the farm or when out for a walk and listen to podcasts. They're never going to match a good pair of earphones for musical quality but they do allow you to hear everything around you and stop you being so isolated.
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    That moment when Tony Montana has a jam with the bloke off Peep show

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    RIP Scott Walker.
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    some fun and hypnotic didge....
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    I think this probably belongs on the music thread, given the number of old ravers we appear to have on the board :)

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    Looking forward to it

    but less of the old please :)
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    Great film.:)
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    Now that's how you play a cello, thanks for posting. Off to get some of your Scottish water & then listen again. Cheers Chiseller
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    Showed this to a mate in a band -he has now gone to buy the DVD! Man that lass nearly shreds her bow by the end. The clip that auto follows this one from the same concert is golden too!
    Melbourne singer Courtney Barnett again, this time she is at Melbourne's equivalent to Alton Towers.
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    @Lamont-Cranston I like her voice and style, the video goes a long way to making it listenable .. I'll try some more pedestrian. Cheers
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    Your welcome @ralph Joe deserves some recognition . .he is a master guitarist.
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    He has always had respect from me, its surprising how few people have heard of him.
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