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  1. gixer

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    Had these for a fair few years now, they're more than good enough for me

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  3. Swayndo

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    A pal who's family have a camera shop got me a Zeiss MiniQuick a few years back. It's not something I often carry but I should as it needs negligible space and weight next to FA.

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  4. Nevis

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    Shame they are really hard to find now :(
  5. Helen E

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    @Nevis I got some like gixer's in 2019 from – which appears to become when you type that URL into the address bar. Not sure why it's doing that, and can't remember whether or not it did so when I bought, so potentially caveat emptor?,60775

    But they appear to now have only purple or blue ones :eek:

    Thanks, @gixer – great tip and better than my previous.

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  6. cathyjc

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    I dabbled with the idea of getting a monocular recently as I knew anything not lightweight would just end up staying at home.
    I changed my mind when I came across a pair of these -

    ~ 128gms :thumbsup: :angelic:.

    2ndhand as I don't think they are made anymore. Mine came from a specialist dealer so I was fairly certain the condition was good.
    Quality is excellent (as you would expect from Zeiss) and I'm chuffed to bits with them :inlove:.
    They come up regularly on - usually somewhere north of £100 - wait a bit for the right deal.
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    Very nice. My dad gave me his old Zeiss 8x20 monocular last Christmas. Lovely quality old optics. Not as much details as getting both eyes on, but I'm much more likely to find it in my pocket when I'm out than the Pentax binos I bought..
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