Sold MLD Solomid XL (sil), £130

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    Priced to sell. Weight is 585g in its stuffsack.

    Note that this is the old model of Solomid XL, without the mid-panel tieouts. However, it’s still good in windy conditions – I’ve happily used it in winds of up to around 30mph. You do need very good pegs though. I recommend MSR Groundhogs or Easton Nano nails (the long type).

    Currently, the silnylon Solomid XL goes for the equivalent of £198 from Mountain Laurel Designs – plus postage and customs charges, and a wait of 8-12 weeks. You’d get the new ‘pro’ silnylon and mid-panel tieouts, plus slightly different dimensions, I believe, but otherwise this could be a good way to save a big chunk of cash on essentially the same shelter.
    DSCF3611.jpg DSCF3612.jpg DSCF3613.jpg DSCF9445.jpg IMG_2871.jpg


    I bought this shelter second hand from @akkw1803 just over a year ago, and have used it for fewer than twenty nights out. The shelter remains in good condition; seam sealing is sloppy but effective (I slapped on some more silicone after I acquired it, to augment the sealing it came with from Andrew). If you want to save a few grams of weight you could always strip off the old silicone and do it from scratch yourself. Stitching all appears fine underneath the sealant, from what I can tell; I have included a couple of detail shots.

    Most of the guylines are new cord, added by me last year. They’re slightly longer than strictly necessary; these could be trimmed to save a little weight. I added longer guys for use with snow stakes.

    The fabric, while not the new ‘pro’ silnylon, is fine. I’ve used it in hard, continuous rain and have noticed no misting or leaks.

    There are some light marks and scuffs on the fabric, mostly from mud or cleaned-off bird poo; with a bit of soap and water it’ll look good as new! Note that the stuffsack shows a bit of wear – there is a minor worn hole at one point, I suspect from abrasion (it doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the stuffsack).

    I’ve tried to be as honest as I can about condition – it certainly isn’t as-new, but it’s perfectly usable and there is loads of life left in it.

    Solomid XL, fitted with guylines, in stuffsack only. No pegs or trekking poles included (both required, and you need a pole that extends to at least 140cm). Most people will also want some form of groundsheet or inner tent too (very much down to individual tastes).

    Payment and postage

    I accept payment via PayPal or direct bank transfer only. The price includes postage to anywhere in the UK. I don’t ship elsewhere; sorry.
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    I miss my DuoMid and this would be a nice wee alternative if I wasn't changing jobs and dropping such a large chunk of disposable!

    Good luck with the sale!
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    Thanks! I'm replacing mine with a Duomid :) I just fancy a bit more space for winter use, but otherwise I've been very happy with the Solomid XL.
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    Still for sale. Only had one query so far!
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    Trusted seller
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