Meeting energy requirements - vegan diet

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by OneBeardedWalker, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Enzo

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    Nothing a vegan eats a Carney won't, so it's all useful.
    One of my clients has a chain of vegan food outlets. I often get new products tested on me :)
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  2. Chiseller

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     true, but we wouldn't eat much of it or for longer than needed.
    That's the beauty of carni... Its an elimination way of eating, then you can either be strict or a dirty carni, which is what I am at the minute.
    Its not a strict lifestyle, its not about the world, its about the person... I've just had an ice cream, a can of ipa and shared a bag of nuts...
    To get back to better health, I just reset by going just beef & water for a week... Then I'm a pure, clean burning endurance machine with good skin, no aches and an empty wallet lol:whistling:
  3. Enzo

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    Sorry, I'm working under the assumption that vegans refer to anyone who eats meat as Carney, both omnivores and those on carnivore diet.
    Confusing when carnivore people reserve the term for meat exclusives.
    Should have said everyone loves an omnivor!
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  4. oreocereus

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    I try carry a couple of home made spice blends (usually garam masala and berebere - much tastier home made and the latter is hard to buy) and other “flavour enhancing” (coconut milk powder or flakes, powdered hummus, dried Tomatos) type things on long trips in places such as the Pyrenees. Lowish weight to make the inevitable rice and cous cous heavy diet maneagable.
    If you forage a bit (blueberries and greens are common in parts of the Pyrenees) you suddenly have quite a tasty meal.

    I’ll often bring one or two pieces of fresh veg from towns that have particularly poor options. Garlic and oil help a lot.

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