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    Low elasticity is it's major advantage for hammock suspension, stretch is a PITA.
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    Ahh my mistake on the weight, my calc was on the 3/8ths not 1" so may be a 15-20g? saving.

    The 14g/m kevlar from Henge stays flat and has a tight weave so easy to use if not the lightest.
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    I've really done something wrong if I'm falling into my hammock with a fall factor of 2. ;)
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    Re slipping through buckets he says that it's OK in the ripstop supplied buckets but no guarantee in others.
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    Some thought about Liteskin at BPL:

    "Liteskin with a 70 Denier woven back is going to be about the same performance for a pack as 2.92oz Cuben with a 50 Denier polyester face fabric, though at a much better value(cost to performance ratio).

    Xpac X21RC with a 200 denier face at 4.4oz is going to be vastly superior to both. Plus unlike liteskin, you can seam seal it with cuben tape.

    On a pack this size, you’re looking at less than one square yard of said fabric, so you can choose yourself to save less than an ounce and have a pack that will require more care and have a shorter usable life cycle.

    For myself, fabric choice is all about finding the ideal balance of weight to performance. Liteskin never hit that sweet spot for me. YMMV

    When DP first announced liteskin, I was super excited to believe the marketing, got some samples, built some packs and did some archaic abrasion tests. I immediatley relegated it to the ‘fashion over function’ pile. "

    Thats from this guy
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    Got a link?
  8. WilliamC

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    If you mean to the BPL thread, it's here.
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    Thanks @WilliamC, that is what I meant. Didn't think to look in gear swap for fabric chat :cautious:
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    I've been surprised how little weight you save with fabrics. It seems to be simplicity that saves weight. My first cuben pack was 285g/25l with 1" sewn and taped seams. It has lots of pockets and full compression system. Last pack I made was ~220g/m 420d robic 40l but simpler and only 20g more. I'm keeping liteskin for roll tops, front panels and on light use packs sides.
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  12. slovhike

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    @Enzo Its always a compromise in size/features/durability/usage/weight I reckon..
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  13. craige

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    Yeah it is. What does the 420d Robic weigh, 6oz/y? A full square yard can make a simple pack with leftovers. 6oz plus thread, say 180g. Adding pockets, padding and mesh to straps, extension collars, hip belts, accessory loops, fancy closure systems and whatever else all adds up fast.
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    Does anyone have a recommendation for 1/2" ladder locks? I used some cheap ones but they popped. Replaced with sea to summit repair jobbies which look OK but are dear.
  15. craige

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    I've only used quest ones on my liteskin pack, seem good so far.
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    @Enzo ; ITW Nexus are always reliable. Lots of vendors don't list the brand and the logo isnt printed on lots but it's not that hard to spot them in pics on Ebay and such.

    A lack of buckles is always a good excuse to order more fabric, and get some buckles chucked in :)
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    Does any one know if this is cuben backed tape rather than a transfer tape? Suitable for taping a pack etc? I can't decide from the description as it says the material is DCF but describes it as double sided.
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    I would take that to mean it's transfer tape for cube but I could be wrong. Better to ask I think.
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  19. cathyjc

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    I think it's for bonding 2 layers of cuben together.
    If you want confirmation of it's purpose etc. send them an email …. I've always found them helpful.

    When I bought bonding tape for cuben from Extremtextil I bought a 50M Roll (made by 3M) - expensive but cheaper than their current offering :wideyed:
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