Making a Cone using Captain Paranoias Cone Potstand Tool on - busting the myth?

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by Mole, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. KVerb

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    Didn't work for me though... Tried it on some scraps with materials of different densities below the foil but could never get a clean hole.
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  2. cathyjc

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  3. WilliamC

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    It works for me with a piece of hardboard on top of a hard surface (tile) underneath the ti. You do get some puckering around the hole.
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  4. Padstowe

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    This isn't a problem with the code generator, couldn't get the ps2pdf site to work for me more of a problem.
    I went to make some more templates, not only has the ps2pdf site had a face lift but when I try to use it (drag file, click convert then download file) it just ends up telling me they was an error converting the file & please let support know.
    Is this just me doing something wrong, or problem with the site?
    If the second, can anyone tell me another site to use?
    Edit: In the end I downloaded Ghostscript 9.23 & Ghostview. No way near as hard to use as I imagined it would be, opened ps file I had saved from notepad in ghostview & there's the pdf to save for printing.
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  5. Mole

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    Good you managed to resolve your issue @Padstowe
    I'll have a look tonight at the PS to pdf site and maybe modify the OP.
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  6. captain paranoia

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    If you have PDFCreator installed as a means of printing documents from applications, then you can get it to convert PostScript files to PDF. Right click on the .ps file, and select 'convert to PDF'.

    Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) will do the same.

    Or, as Padstowe found, installing Ghostscript and the GhostView front end really isn't hard to do, or to use.

    You can check the print scaling by checking that the multi-page alignment crosses are 50mm apart. If they are not, check that you have the 'print full size' option selected in Acrobat or the printer dialogue. Do not select any option that suggests shrinking or fitting to the page. Finally, some printers are just poor at printing 1:1, due to mechanical tolerances moving the paper, so it's usually a problem in the vertical paper feed axis.
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  7. craige

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    Does anyone happen to have the calcs saved for a toaks 900 saved that they could send me? I have access to a printer for a few hours atm.
  8. Henry

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    I’ve been playing:sorry: image.jpg

    Bit tricky. Worth making out of aluminium?
  9. tom

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    The alu of my (small) cone is getting a bit tired and I've been looking at Ti foil/sheets for a replacement but can't get my head around the various Ti grades and thicknesses. Any recommendations? I don't want anything too flimsy for the sake of a few gram but robust enough for frequent and occasionally rough use ...
  10. paul

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    Ive always found the best thickness to be 0.05" which is most commonly available from titanium stove makers as its used to form the roll up flu. GR2 or GR5.

    GR2 is pure and will maintain more of an aesthetic than GR5 once exposed to heat and is marginally lighter but it makes little difference in practice.
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  11. cathyjc

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    This stuff -

    I've used various different Titanium foils for making cones (- from US, Canada, China) and the above is the one I prefer - nice balance of weight : durability : ease of working.
    My cones have been going for years and I don't expect to have to ever replace them. Alu cones are :thumbsdown: IMHO.
    Only down side is the width at 200mm (narrowish). But no import fees :thumbsup:
    If there is any chance you might make more than one cone then double the quantity (=x3 cones worth).

    PS I've always had good service from the seller too.
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  12. stormin'

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  13. paul

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  14. stormin'

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    Cheers Paul :finger:
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  15. tom

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    The sheet is actually a good size for 2 small cones... :)
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  16. Tartanferret

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    Am I right in thinking aluminium flashing has a coating that needs sanding off?

  17. programradio

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    yes. i missed some of the coating and it is awful as it burns off. the smoke of that coating burning off has to be pretty toxic as well.
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  18. Padstowe

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    Mines did. You can leave it & the heat will get rid of it after a few uses, but will have a smell when doing so & stain/discolour the alu.
    edit: the above post wasn't there when I posted, it would be a bit toxic. Best not do it in enclosed area's, or better to sand it.
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  19. el manana

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    Just an update if anyone has tried this recently, re:

    7. Go to a .ps to .pdf converter site such as here:

    I couldnt get this site to successfully convert the ps file to pdf. It only created the first Summary page and not multi page pdf. I dont think i was doing anything wrong.
    If you have this issue then worked well (limits you to 2 conversions per day) or in the end i used Ghostscript which is easy but slightly technical so may put some off.

    Thanks to @Padowan for advice when things werent working :thumbsup:

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  20. Lang pack

    Lang pack Summit Camper

    Could anyone help with a link to a supply of Al foil for a small cone?
  21. Tartanferret

    Tartanferret Thru Hiker

    How much do you reckon you need @Lang pack ? I have some

    gimmie some rough dimensions
  22. Lang pack

    Lang pack Summit Camper

    36x12cm for the little cone I have planned if I get it right 1st time!
  23. Tartanferret

    Tartanferret Thru Hiker

    yeah, enough for that and a base plate.
    Postage only. Bulky but light. Drop me a PM if you want it :)
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