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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Lempo, Nov 30, 2019.

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    Interesting, thanks. Do you have any photos of what the dried gammon looks like before and after rehydration?
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    A random one pulled from my phone. Gammon, eggs, wild mushrooms, baby tomatoes, peppers, butter, cheese.
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    I'm not out as much as me currently. :biggrin:

    Mylar food pouches, some oxygen absorber sachets and an iron is all you need to vac pack. The absorber removes the oxygen, shrinking it and removing the O2 so it cant send the fats off. An iron seals the packets well. It's really quick and easy.
    Additionally, I suck the air out in the vac sealer and then close the zip seal but this is unnecessary.
    I steam mine afterwards to sterilise the contents and remove any danger of Botulinum growing, makes them safe for months/years.
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    Initial soaking

    This was well rehydrated. You can see it comes back to life and changes colour
    A less well rehydrated one, still got quite a bit of bite. I think this had only been in water for 10 mins or so.


    The white is extra powdered salt I put on. I have a hard time getting enough salt on Keto and have to add it to everything.
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    Looks great. But I guess a dehydrator is necessary? I'm sure someone selling dehydrated mince and gammon in the UK could make a decent business.
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    You can dehydrate in the oven at very low temps with the door open. Google is your friend.
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    Oh? I'd always thoughts oven thermostats were far too unreliable especially at low temps. Will look into it :)

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