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    I thought I'll start a thread for those interested in low carb / zero carb foods.


    I don't like to walk with a full stomach nor eat first thing in the morning. While doing Great Walks in NZ, I'd have AU brand Balance Nutrition's Whey Isolate with added electrolytes. Balance Nutrition is reasonably priced grass fed whey. I'd have a shaker bottle with me since it was easy to clean. I'd also mix my electrolytes in it while walking. Here in UK I use Bulk Powders' Whey Isolate. It's reasonably priced, high protein, low carb without bulking agents and reasonably bland taste (some brands make their overly sickly sweet) so that one could double up on the portion for increased protein. I also have Bulk Powders' MCT powder to mix up with the shake as well as their generic electrolyte powder.

    Dried meats:

    I find Kruga Biltong to be very low in carbs and reasonable taste & quality. Tesco's Biltong is ok too. Most Jerky's tend to have 20-30% sugar, so I stay away from them.

    Supermarkets also do pre-cooked bacon, which I think would be ok for at least for the first day, maybe for a couple of days if in cool temperatures.

    Some cured sausages seem ok to keep in room temperature, which make a high calorie, savoury meals.


    I'm not a massive cheese eater, but there are couple of dried cheese products on the market. I just tested Chewy Moon Cheddar Cheese Bites, and while the quality seemed fine, I didn't enjoy the flavour and they are quite expensive for what you get as well. Another brand is Cheesies, which do 3 different flavours at the moment. AFAIK, one can make your own cheese bites by cutting a block of cheese into small cubes and dehydrate them in the oven or dehydrator and the results should be pretty much the same.

    Nuts & Seeds:

    Generally Cashews (which are technically a fruit) and Peanuts (which are technically a legume) are high in carbs, to depending on your macros, they are not the best option.

    Macadamias are high in fat & protein. Almonds are good, as are Pecans.

    If you buy ready made, salted mixes, some of them have added sugar as a flavour enhancer, even the salty ones.

    I make my own mix, which I regularly eat with full fat Greek yogurt. Here's the recipe:

    (the quantity is parts, for example 2 parts = 200g in relation to other ingredients)

    2 toasted Almond flakes
    2 toasted Coconut flakes or 1 if you use dessicated Coconut
    2 Pumpkin seeds
    2 Sunflower seeds
    1 Chia seeds
    1 Cacao nibs
    1 Goji berries

    I've yet to make them into bars, but I've played with the idea.

    Dehydrated/freeze dried meals

    There are some bacon & eggs options, which are relatively low on carbs, but do have additives. Best thing would be to cook your own proteins and dehydrate them.

    What are your tips for low carb trail foods?
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    There are Fattbars, which I haven't tried yet. I tend to buy Quest bars, which are only 4 net carb and don't give me any digestive issues (unlike maltitol sweetened ones). You can pick up cheap Quest bars at Approved Food or Food Circle. I just ordered 4 boxes of past sell by date for £28, which is less than single box MSRP.

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