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  1. Robin

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    I’ve looked at ways of having hipbelt pockets on the Ultrahike but can’t see a satisfactory way of having them. Instead, I use a lightweight reversed belt pack (Inov8, no longer available https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inov-8-Elite-Litre-Running-Waistpack/dp/B00IY508NW). Not ideal, but works. For a camera I have a shoulder strap pocket but needed to sew a grosgrain loop to stop it slipping.
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  2. SafetyThird

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    Thanks Robin, very useful.
  3. WilliamC

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    @SafetyThird, if after trying your various contenders you're interested in the GG Crown 2, Massdrop have a slightly modified version coming up tomorrow at $119.

    Edit: Disclaimer. I've just received an email from Massdrop saying that a guest referred by me has joined up moving me 20% towards free dollars. The link above must be responsible. Please be aware that the link above is linked to my Massdrop account and that I receive some benefits when people join up through it.
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    I think a lot of people, myself included use Pauls, tread lite gear on ebay
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    thanks, I'll investigate those
  6. Nevis

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    What kind of level of skill is required? Or are you offering ? :D There could be beer tokens involved :)
  7. cathyjc

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    What are you suggesting (oww errr … ;)) ?
    Making a dry bag style closure requires suitable webbing/grosgrain and side release buckles and takes a bit more construction.
    Making a cinch/drawstring closure needs cord and cord lock and simple over seam.
    Both will require 'unpicking' if already constructed.

    Getting your kit upto me is probable not worth it on postage costs.
    A local alterations service should be able to do it if you can show them an example of how you want it to be.
    Where are you based ? South West ? - @Mole is pretty handy at MYOG :D

    PS. I should have spotted you are SE not SW. :sorry:

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