Locus Gear introduction/review/blah...blah...blah...thread ;-)

Discussion in 'Reviews & Previews' started by Chris2901, Jan 27, 2017.

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    @Chris2901 Thanks, I'm sorely tempted & monitoring exchange rates closely.
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    Well worth it,mate...:thumbsup:
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    It's the names in the menu, it's a PITA as the name makes no reference to the size etc, to work you have to go into each one to see if it's 1p, 2p etc unless I'm missing something.
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    No,there are no filters .Well,since there are only 6 or 7 models it´s not that difficult.Soris is biggest,then Khafra and Apollo,Hapi and Menkaura,then Khufu.
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    I have the spacious Locus Gear Khafra in fully bonded cuben fibre (DCF-B ~460grams) in 'black' - no seams apart from the zip. The colour is not black though - it's more of a smokey mid grey/silver - almost a metallic grey. I really like it. I use a beefy Ruta Locura 710 adjustable carbon fibre pole (~180gm) for the support. It was the very first Khafra made by Jotaru in the fully bonded design. Although the Khafra is classed as a 4person tent - I chose it as a very spacious tent for 2 - I'm 5'11" so I can stand up in it (just) unlike the Khufu, Scarps or similar sized 2person tents or mids. It took about 9weeks from ordering until delivery (last year) - but I was clearly informed of this prior to ordering/paying. I'm now about to order the LG inner. Just be aware that only a fraction of the inners available are listed/pictured on the LG website! There are MANY more variations, colours and combinations of inners available - just request the full list from Yuki. I'm currently thinking of the 4/5 full 10D inner in white with the yellow (Aspen Gold) 10D floor and double zip. The Khafra list emailed me has an additional 36 variations of inners - available on request - just for the Khafra! My choice is a little on the heavy side (inner=900gm) but for the times hiking with my kids or wife I think it's definitely worthwhile. These days HMG and ZPacks now offer zero variations or customisation on their Mids (inners) or any of their other equipment - even upon request - so that was the deal breaker for me.

    For me Locus Gear = 100% top service and top quality! :)

    I have used my Khafra comfortably in 90km/h winds and it was rock solid using the tieouts.
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