Locus Gear Crescent Tarp

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    Hi folks,
    out of curiosity and because I wasn´t always happy with the pitching of the MLD Grace Duo Cuben tarp I bought from @craige ,I ordered the Locus Gear Crescent,a pretty similar construction made of Silnylon.
    Shipping time was 3 weeks from door to door,pretty fast if you imagine that waiting time for shelters is 9-10 weeks at the moment.
    Here are some quick shots I took in the low pitch (110 cm at the front,about 75 cm at the rear end) .



    It offers tons of space for one person and might very well be spacious enough two.Look at their homepage for the details.As always,workmanship is outstanding!
    What I do like most is that it offers a very roomy entrance area,multiple ways to pitch and only 90 g weight penalty (330 g incl.stuff sack and very long cords) compared to the MLD at a very reasonable price.
    So again thumbs up for the land of the rising sun!! :thumbsup:
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    And you didn't believe me when I said the grace duo could be a pain :p polycryo must stretch weird. The crescent looks nice but I still see some wrinkles in that too... must be user error.

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