Lightweight water filter system ?

Discussion in 'Hydration & Hygiene' started by Dippa, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Padstowe

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    I use the sawyer mini with a 2l evernew with duel closure (twist cap that fits the mini & wide opening at top for filling) + water bottle & maybe a second duel closure with source converter tube when camping.
    edit: just the bottle mini & squeeze bag it came with on day walks though
  2. Cameron M

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  3. Mole

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    As my Sawyer purchase fell through, we've used the lightest possible filter. Just had 12 mountain days using water from many sources (streams/rivers/lakes/tarns/fonts).

    Both hale n hearty so far....
  4. pendodave

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    On a tangent (sorry), but does the Sawyer filter out the micro plastic fibre thingies that are currently in the news (and permanently in our water supply, it would seem)
  5. Teepee

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    Yes, but potentially not all. If the plastic particles are is bigger than the pore size, they'll be filtered out.

    The really small particles on the Nano scale are going to be very tricky to remove. Theoretically, they should be in water too in ever increasing concentrations but science cant even reliably test for them yet.
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  6. Gadget

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  7. WilliamC

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    Are you sure that the Befree filter will fit? It says the Stash has a 62mm cap and I thought the Befree was 40 something.
  8. Gadget

    Gadget Thru Hiker

    Ahh, yes. Good catch. 1lt Stash is 63mm.
    I want aware of that. Bit weird tho', the 750ml Stash is 42mm, as are the larger, 2 and 3 litre Seeker bottles.

    Edited the previous post to link to the appropriate bottle.
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  9. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Befree flow reduction discussion here

    Anyone used one of these?

    Another option.
    Look potentially better than the Sawyer?

    These bags look good too

    After recently losing a 10yr old platy, and my 7 yr old source bag has started leaking near the neck, I'm in the market for a couple new bladder bottles and was going to go for Evernew, but these look good ( heavy but robust), especially for squeeze type filter use. Nearly ordered a couple from the Cnoc site, but baulked at the shipping cost for such a low cost/weight item. Maybe a group order ?.….
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  10. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    I recently acquired a 2L Evernew on Amazon, £12.10 delivered from Japan (~3wks) which I thought reasonable.
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  11. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    Thanks. :thumbsup:

    I clicked the size options, and for some reason, the 1.5l are only £7 delivered!
    I bought 2. :cigar:
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  12. edh

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    :thumbsup: me two too :cigar:
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  13. el manana

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    Me one to (sic) :pigeon:
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  14. Whiteburn

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    Don't know why but I bought the last 1.5L in stock..........couldn't resist at £7 :banghead:
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  15. tallest of pauls

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    i wanted a two too but there was only one. Now there's more for £7.55 so i bought another one too so i also have two. Too.
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  16. Max

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    I just bought two 1.5l too for £7.05 each, good value.
  17. Scottk

    Scottk Backpacker

    Thanks guys. I bought a couple of the 1.5l earlier after seeing this thread.
  18. Chiseller

    Chiseller Section Hiker

    I bought one for me an swmbo... Hopefully ease the bruising when I pack mine with iced water lol

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