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  1. humankeith

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    Hello, I’m looking for the lightest thing to wear for sleeping in. This would only be to give a little bit of cover and keep my quilt clean. I’ve heard of Rohan ultra silver and Patagonia capiline lightweight - none of these are available right now and the next weight up are quite a bit heavier. Wondering whether anyone has any ideas of other brands?
  2. Robin

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  3. Lamont-Cranston

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    How much do the milaris go for? They look nice.
    Also think about the really lightest Uniqlo Airism Mesh leggings. Not the Heatech, unless you want warmth too! You have to go womens to get the Mesh.They are an equivalent weight to the Pat LW. But have some elastane so don't dry as quick if wet.
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  4. SafetyThird

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    How about Uniqlo AIRism, they're light and also cheap.

    Edit. Ah, as suggested above my post :)
  5. Robin

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    €100 , not cheap but quality.
  6. Lamont-Cranston

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  7. edh

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    The Millaris are slinky; I've not tried sleeping in mine but will....that will please 'the wife' :happy:
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  8. dovidola

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    Rab Dryflo 120 Baselayer Pants. Depending on your size these will weigh between 100g and 135g. Not the lightest perhaps, but although I use them primarily for sleeping, they are also suitable for wearing as a warmth layer under my trousers if it gets cold, which of course is their manufacturer's intended purpose.
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  9. dovidola

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    I've slept without pjs since finding them restrictive as a teenager repeatedly waking up in the night feeling like Harry Houdini making an escape bid. Camping is different, I think because of the clammy unpleasantness of nylon fabrics against bare skin compared with the home feel of freshly laundered high-threadcount Egyptian cotton bedlinen. Hence, the need for sleeping clothes - that, and the extra insulation. Sacrifices, sacrifices...
  10. humankeith

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    Trying to work out if you’re serious or trying to get me to dress like a lady :D

    Are they not a bit tight? I quite like how ‘loose’ the pat cap ones look...
  11. Clare

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    Dépends what you’re packing.
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  13. Enzo

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    The lightest ones could be the ones you bring for another purpose, so I'd second windproofs. Longjohns are a pain to put on/off under trousers/shorts unlike windproof trousers. My myog pertex windproof are about 70g I think.
    That said in winter I suck up the weight to be sure of a dry layer to sleep in.
  14. fluffkitten

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    Hmm... packing? :D
  15. tom

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    I slept in my Milaris trousers, its ok as backup but not great for comfort. This might be am alternative - approx 100g in a generous size s...
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  16. Taz38

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    Ladies pj bottoms...some are very light and not all come in pink with unicorns.
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  17. Lamont-Cranston

    Lamont-Cranston Summit Camper

    Comedy gold.
    I only referred the the women's version because here in Australia you can only get the AIRISM MESH which in the tshirts for men ( I referred the airism mesh NOT straight airism -you mis - quoted me) in the womens line. It does weigh almost the exact same as Patagonia LW . All my PJ (baselayer) tops are the PATAS and you said the lightest. I have some ebay cycling (7-8 pounds) wind rain pants that weigh 70 grams see thru(wowza) that I wear at the end of the day over my shorts. So I also like the idea of wind pants but the milaris ones are beyond me. Oh and smaller the better they are lighter and stretchy. Women's stuff at Uniqlo is far superior for heat management. Get yourself into the women's department. You'll be glad you did.
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  18. Taz38

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    "Silk Love Dreams"


    Link saved, see if they do ladies'.
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  19. Clare

    Clare Thru Hiker

    My uniqlo heattech longjohnd are 96g.
  20. ralph

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    Calm down.
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