Lidl solar/mains power bank plus a torch power bank

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by FOX160, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. FOX160

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  2. Beachlover

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    I had a Lidl battery explode in it's charger a couple of years back. It made a right mess of my desk and sounded like a gunshot. Thankfully nothing flammable nearby, but plenty of smoke. :eek:
    The experience led to my being more choosey about where I source rechargeable stuff.:rolleyeses:
  3. Dave Vaughan

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    I am weary of solar power packs. I used to have one from Poweraid or Powerad. After around a year of use, whilst out walking the battery started to expand and it eventually went pop with smoke following. I tend to only buy well reviewed/known powerpacks now.
  4. Rog Tallbloke

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    I'm sticking to AA torches and spare OEM phone batteries in proper cases.
  5. Gadget

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    Not only weary but wary too!
    Do those little solar panels give out much current?
  6. Enzo

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    Max seems to be the guy in the know re solar stuff, AFAIK you need 10w+ of panel to be of use? Personally I like to buy many cheap variants of an expensive thing I'd like, then buy the expensive thing in the end. That way I can spend at least twice as much. Just done that again with trekking poles... No fool like an old fool!
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  7. Dave Vaughan

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    ops ;-)
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  8. FOX160

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    Thanks I returned for a refund
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