Lidl £18 mat

Discussion in 'Sleep Mats' started by widu13, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. widu13

    widu13 Ultralighter

  2. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    I can see a lot of deflated expectations on the horizon....
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  3. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    3yr warranty's not too shabby though
  4. Foxster

    Foxster Ultralighter

    Maybe but I've tried a couple of times to get items sorted under warranty at Lidl and it was impossible. You just have to right it off.

    Similar experience at Aldi's to be fair.
  5. Mole

    Mole Thru Hiker

    In a moment of madness a few years ago, I bought a strimmer/hedge trimmer combo from Lidl. @c£129.

    It died after 6 months - the alloy clutch casing shattered during use!

    In disgust, I threw it in the shed. Then nearly a year later, noticed it had a 2 year guarantee on the box which I still had. But, I had lost the receipt. Even so, I bundled it all up, took it back to the lidl branch I bought it from. Found the manager. Within 2 minutes discussion, he agreed to refund, and put £129 straight back onto my credit card, the amount was on my word too - he didn't check it anywhere else.
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  6. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Went to look/buy one on my way home from work.

    Not available till the 28th, whoops.
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  7. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    Warranty isn't much use on a multi dayer :confused:
  8. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Did anyone get one or look at them?
  9. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    FYI it's 506g listed on the packaging. I got one and will report back next week
  10. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

    Hardly "Extremely lightweight" then!
  11. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    For the price I think it's ok, everything else around that price is colossal and heavy.

    I just want something in case either a friend or partner wants to come with me. It will most likely only be used a few times at most and only in good weather, I can't find anything that compares on price/weight in AliExpress
  12. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

    On that basis, I'll allow you to keep it :)
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  13. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    I think most the really cheap ones are ~1kg.
  14. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Mine weighs 464g kept pressure overnight no problems. Only one valve, I think it showed two on the advert.
  15. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

    Ah but did you sleep on it? I used to use Poundland pillows, really light, comfortable and only cost . . . .err £1. Trouble is the valves used to leak put only when you slept on the damn thing
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  16. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Nope, and I don't intend to :)
    Perhaps I will put a 30kg wooden bench upside down on it overnight to see.
  17. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

    Why upside-down? You could put the bench on the mat and then sleep on the bench. In fact why are you bothering with the mat at all
  18. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker


    Bench upside down on mat = large flat area in contact with mat to simulate a person.

    Bench normal way up on mat = 4 X small points of pressure on mat, does not simulate person and likely to cause puncture.

    No intention to sleep on the bench, that sort of behaviour is reserved for the town drunk.
  19. ZenTrekker

    ZenTrekker Section Hiker

  20. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    To me 30kg only represents a fairy resting on it...
    If be tempted to load the bench with items to match your bodyweight if your going down That route.
    If just out it under the mattress
  21. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Can you make the bench wriggle in it's sleep too ? :whistling::bag: …….
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  22. andy farrow

    andy farrow Day Walker

    i have one - it was bought to avoid the weight // bulk of a vango " trek standard " mat - on my last trip so :

    my review : the crivit inflatable mattress

    it packs " quite small " , its not particually light - but that does not bother me as much as it may vex others

    its very easy to inflate - but deflation // packing requires specific technique [ one must rol it so the valve is on the outside of the rolled mat

    it does go back in the supplied bag easily

    its quite narrow [ but so am i ] - large people may find it inadequate

    the material appears quite durable - its only had 6 nights out so far [ all on a independant ground sheet ]

    comfort wise - it kept me ok - on a concrete slab

    for refference - i used it with a lightweight bivvy bag and ME helium solo sleep bag +a thin plastic sheet as ground sheet

    and had good nights every sleep

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