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Discussion in 'Packs & Accessories' started by shetland_breeder, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. shetland_breeder

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    Does anyone here have experience with both the KS40/KS50 and the MLD Prophet/Exodus?

    I'm thinking of buying a KS50 to replace my Mariposa, but I'm a bit concerned that I will have the same problem with the shoulder straps that I had with the Prophet that I bought last year.

    I have narrow shoulders for my back length (~45cm shoulders, 51cm back) and the Prophet straps were too wide apart, or more specifically crossed my shoulders on the shoulder joint rather than inside the shoulder on the collar bone, and would slide off if I leant to one side or the other unless the sternum strap was cinched up enough to pull the straps in. I have the same problem with my UD Fastpack 35, but not with either my Gorilla or Mariposa.
  2. Balagan

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    The KS packs are made to order and Laurent is pretty open to customising. You could send him an email to ask if he would be willing to make a KS50 with the same shoulder strap spacing as your Gorilla or Mariposa.
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  3. andreostergard

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    I just wrote a first impression post on the KS50 pack. I don't really touch upon the shoulder straps but if you tell me what you're interested in I can probably give you some feedback @shetland_breeder - How do you want me to measure things?

    Like Balagan wrote I think Laurent can probably fix things for you if you supply the correct information on what you want/need. Mind you that KS packs are quite popular in Asia. Asian people are generally shorter/smaller I guess this isn't something new for him to handle.
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  4. Enzo

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    Think they are 7cm standard, but as said they are a custom bit of gear, just ask him.
  5. shetland_breeder

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    Thanks. That's almost exactly what Laurent said. Also he uses L (J) shaped straps, as opposed to MLD which look more S-shaped, and from the info that (used?) to be on the ULA site that may have been the problem.

    Just havering over the fine details of my order now.
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