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Discussion in 'Places & Planning' started by devilstick, May 16, 2018.

  1. devilstick

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    I'm planning my first trip to the Peak District for some wild camping and wondered if you good people could help me out with a couple of questions. I'm reasonably experienced at hiking/wild camping, usually in the Brecon Beacons or Dartmoor, so no problems with navigation, kit, arrive late leave early, etc.

    Would Kinder Scout, specifically along the southern edge be a good place to target for a camp spot?

    How is the water situation on the plateau at this time of year, would I need to drop down to collect water to filter?

    Any suggested places to leave the car overnight? I was thinking of Hope or Edale.

  2. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Thru Hiker

    Normally I leave my car in Hayfield but neither Hope or Edale are bad spots. There is generally water up top though of course it will be peaty. You should be able to find a few pitches along the south fairly easily.
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  3. paul

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    In Edale i normally park in the Station overflow carpark. Its opposite a signal box which is always manned. The walk up up via grindsbrook goes out of the station so is handy. Water this time of year can be difficult especially given the dry spell we've had so you might have to drop down or take it up
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  4. fluffkitten

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    Are they charging to park there these days? Been a while since I used that carpark.
  5. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    not been for a couple of years but it was always free.
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  6. paul

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    Stairway to heaven :)

    20130831_123343_zps88ce5578 (1).JPG
  7. devilstick

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    Thanks guys - good to know the parking situation is likely to be OK. I'll probably take a full 2.5 litre bladder to start with and then see if any streams are running.

    That route up looks fantastic, definitely try to have a look at that.
  8. shetland_breeder

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    Tyhe plateau is drying up very quickly at the moment (I was up Monday and yesterday) but the bigger strams are still running. I wouldn't bother carrying water up yet.
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  9. devilstick

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    That's great, thanks for the up to date info.
  10. devilstick

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    Made it out on Friday for an overnight trip with a friend. Starting from Hope headed up Win Hill over to Crookstone Knoll, all the way along the southern edge of the plateau, up to Brown Knoll, along the great ridge and back down to Hope. Had a cracking time, great overnight spot near Wool Packs/Crowden Tower. I'll try to write up a proper report soon.

    One quick note for anyone thinking of heading up, water was difficult to come across at any altitude. Luckily we found some remnants on Friday afternoon in Jaggers Clough that we were able to collect, filter and treat, otherwise we would have had to descend. I imagine it's all gone by now after more hot weather.
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  11. Taz38

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    Its a great place, must revisit this summer.
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