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Discussion in 'Sleeping Bags & Quilts' started by humankeith, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. humankeith

    humankeith Backpacker

    I'm lucky enough to be about to order a new quilt for Christmas, and having done my research KG seem to be the best out there.

    Trying to decide now on the model. The bag will be used for Winter use in the UK (Dartmoor, Wales, Cairngorms) and Spring/Autumn use on some of the GR routes in the high Pyrenees, with some camping possible in the Tatras of Poland and Slovakia. I'm after a quilt for the weight saving. I use an Exped Downmat 9 and sleep cold (need a warm quilt!)

    Does anyone have any experience of the Alsek, Sawatch or Grenadier quilts?

    If not, what quilt do you use in Winter, and how much down is in your bag? What 'comfort' temp is your bag/quilt rated at?

    Thanks for the help!

  2. gixer

    gixer Thru Hiker

    Been using the Flex 30f (-1c) for a couple of years now and i'm chuffed to testies with it

    I don't do cold, closest i've been to the bags limit is 3c
    At 3c i was toasty warm in just my underpants

    So the ratings seem pretty accurate to me
  3. humankeith

    humankeith Backpacker

    That's brilliant to hear! I've been talking myself in to the Granadier (5f / -15C) bag which may be a bit warm :D Perhaps the Sawatch will do or even the Alsek...
  4. edh

    edh Thru Hiker

    I use a Zpacks 10 (-12)... Or a WM Lynx (-23)...

    Not a fan of cold and/or wearing clothes to sleep in
  5. FOX160

    FOX160 Thru Hiker

    Probably nothing no less than minus 10 but do check weather history with the places your wishing to go
    before you buy.
  6. Padstowe

    Padstowe Section Hiker

    I have an Alsek, I like it, have used it down to -10/-11 with heavy baselayer, prism trousers & a photon mini jacket on few occasions. They are well stuffed, but I think for what you have in mind you will need to supplement the rating aswell as its only just a -5.5 rating (I have the first model, I think its just below a -5 rating if I remember right, bought it the first day they came out for order, was waiting for it).
    I have the standard width, although I don't find the width a problem, in honesty if I was to buy again I think I'd go for a reg wide, just for more comfort.
  7. humankeith

    humankeith Backpacker

    Just to finish the thread. I ordered a Granadier as my colder season bag. If I like it and it turns out a bit too warm for the rest of the year I'll get something else for those temps.

    Will follow up once I've had the delivery and use with a bit of a review and some photos :)

    Thanks for the replies!

    I've also had a few dealings with their customer service and all has been great - their emails are not copy and paste, and they're friendly on the phone.
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