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More grist to the 'what will the Palanťe shelter be' mill, open 'A' frame at 7oz in his gear list


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There was a very brief glimpse of the shelters in one of Neemors vids, one a bit hexamid like, no beak/door & with draped netting, the other looked a bit like a slim a-frame style tarp, again with draped netting


et voila

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 17.27.00.png Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 17.27.17.png
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Its a long time since I was comfortable on a thin foam pad let alone going without. I see he's another of the UL hikers going for a torch rather than headlight, given I'm allergic to night hiking I think I'll stick with my e-lite. :)
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Ken T.

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During thru-hiking season here it gets dark so late that actually hiking in the dark is the exception. I know folks who get by with just their phone. You guys up there don’t need them at all in summer when you have that odd nice night.


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For walking at night a torch held low gives better definition than a headtorch. If I'm doing dark night micronav I'll always have a bright handheld spot for occasional use and a less bright headlamp, I find it more useful on rough ground.

But for most purposes a headtorch is more practical. Especially in camp. A piece of shockcord on a microlight is minimal weight.
Or a Petzl E-lite ( neither great for off trail walking though...)