Improving mat insulation for winter

Discussion in 'Sleep Mats' started by el manana, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. craige

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    That first stuff is Mylar coated bubble wrap. What the Americans call reflectix and is often used for pot cozies. Not great for use under a mat, I tried using it as a sit pad and destroyed it very quickly.
  2. WilliamC

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    I have the 200x100cm size and it folds up to approximately 26x21x8cm, which seems reasonable for what it is.
    I think Paul's stuff has no foam, in which case it should fold a lot smaller.
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    I use w
    I use wide elastic with button-holes to secure my quilt to my sleeping mat. When using the under-mat I just strap the elastic around both mats. So if the mat wants to go for a walk in the middle of the night, it all slides as one unit - the under-mat, sleeping-mat, quilt and me!
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  7. hillwalker66

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    For a number of years I used a neoair xlite with a piece of laminate floor underlay underneath. Worked very well for me in winter. To carry I folded and lined my mariposa with it.. everything then got stuffed into the pack ... like stuffing a giant burrito:)
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    @el manana - I cant be arsed reading the thread, forgive me if someone’s mentioned this.

    Radiator backing from B&Q, it’s cheap as chips. Foil one side and a very thin layer of polystyrene on the other, it’s designed to reflect heat. Put it under your neoair. It weighs **** all.

    ed told me about this yonks ago, it works. However, I have a mahoosive downmat and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
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  9. benp1

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    I faffed about with reflectex and then CCF under my neoair. I have now an xtherm and use it au naturelle
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    I went from a neo camper with a multimat artic type mat underneath, very comfy and warm, to a xtherm which is still comfy and warm but must be nearly a kg lighter and a whole lot less bulkier of course. I still take a cut down zlite to go underneath in the snow.i use that for a knealing mat, flat surface ect before bed.
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  11. Foxster

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    I really like my Neoair xtherm too and find no need for anything under it, even with the tent on top of snow.

    Just wish I didn't find it so slidey. I'm toasty when on top of it but often wake up with some part of me off it.
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  12. Bopdude

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    Sliding off mats is a pita, now I just put the mat inside my bivvy and job sorted ;)

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