For Sale HMG 8' x 10' Flat Tarp, used for one night

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    Selling my tarp after much internal conflict and self loathing!!! I want to like tarping but ultimately, despite only one nights use, tarp life is not for me.

    This is adapted from the HMG website as they can describe this tarp better than me(removed the BS!):

    Rectangular 8' x 10' tarp shelter.

    Flat edges and square corners, non-catenary cut for maximum versatility. Every Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dyneema® Composite Fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber) tarp features fully bonded seams, adding near-total impermeability to a long list of attributes, including exceptional durability and UV resistance, that distinguish the Flat Tarp from other ultralight tarp options. Use adjustable trekking poles for set up.

    This one is the White option. No stakes included. (mouse in photo not included either!!)

    Weight: 290g with guylines - see photo


      • Constructed with DCF8 Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber)
      • Fully bonded radial double reinforced tie-outs with line locks
      • Fully bonded, "stitchless" ridgeline seam
      • 16 perimeter tie-outs
      • 2 tie-outs placed in the centre/near the ends of the interior body
    Paid $335 plus postage/import tax etc

    Looking to take a haircut at £200 plus postage, paypal F&F

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